When is the right time to let your kitten outside? - Companion Animal Vets

indoor cats or outdoor cats there are pros and cons to both. Here are the facts

to help you decide. Hi I'm Matt Young from companion animal vet hospital and you're

watching our family pet care video series to keep up to date with our

latest videos hit the subscribe button below. So when is the right time to let

your cat outside? Never! Cats don't need to the outside to be happy. Keeping your

cat indoors means they can't get run over or get into fights with other cats

they can't get infected with diseases such as FIV and they aren't hunting and

killing our native wildlife. Around the four to six month period all cats will

go through a period of trying to escape and trying to get out. If you don't let them out

during this period they will eventually give in and accept that their range is

limited to the house. If you do want your cat to go outside consider using a

cat enclosure in your yard. This is a safe way for them to be outside

exploring the environment without all the risks that we just mentioned. If you

do choose to let your cat go outside make sure that they're at least 5 months

of age their desexed they're microchiped and they've been vaccinated for FIV which

can be caught if they get attacked or bitten by another cat. Lastly make sure

that they have been at your house for a sufficient amount of time that they

consider it home. This would generally be around one month but in older cats you

may wish to wait a little longer. So just to recap: it's preferable to keep your cat

inside, it's safer for the cat and better for our wildlife. If you have any

questions leave them in the comments below and to stay up to date with our

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