How to Make Quinoa Baby Cereal | Baby Food

all right so I'm going to show you how

simple it is to make your own quinoa

baby cereal at home I'm a huge huge fan

of making your own cereals at home

because when you look at the ingredient

list of store-bought cereals they are

just filled with tons and tons of

chemicals and stabilizers that babies

just simply don't need also when you

start with a whole-grain like quinoa and

break it down right before preparation

you're going to retain so many more

nutrients and vitamins for your child so

what we're starting off with is a

quarter cup of just regular quinoa and I

am using a spice grinder

so we'll add that in set it on the base

and then we'll give this about anywhere

from 30 seconds to a minute but you're

really going to want to break it down to

basically dust

so you can check along the way until you

get down here the dust consistency you

want to see and once you're there you

can see how thin this is so it would

look almost more or less like what you

would buy at the store yourself and you

can see that this took about thirty

seconds of your time to get there

so when we're ready to prepare it in a

saucepan you'll bring about a half a cup

of water to boil and measure out a

quarter of the quinoa that you have just

pureed or brought down to dust and then

we'll go over here add it to the

saucepan and immediately stir stir stir

stir stir these first few seconds are

very important because you want to make

sure it's just first evenly and that no

clumps form so that it can cook down all

right so about three to four minutes

have gone by and we've brought our

quinoa down to almost a gooey

consistency something along the lines of

traditional oatmeal and then what we'll

do is scoop it into our serving dish for

a younger baby this quarter cup would

make approximately two servings for an

older child you would definitely only

get about one serving out of it the

thing with quinoa cereal and most baby

cereals is that it will come out gooey a

thicker consistency which can be a

little bit difficult for babies to

stomach so I prefer adding something

like an apple puree a Kiwi puree even

you know freshly mashed bananas very

very easy to throw together quickly so

you'll just add in a couple tablespoons

mix it around until you find a thin or

thickness that your baby prefers and

this is a perfect opportunity to add in

spices cinnamon cloves you can even go

crazy with oregano or stage if you

prefer but at this point your baby food

is ready for serving and that's how easy

making your own quinoa baby cereal is