How to Introduce a Baby to Swimming: Safe Entry

I'm going to talk you through safe entry

into the waters day for your baby

firstly what you need to remember is

that you don't ever carry a baby down

steps or down a ladder into the water

the reason for this is if you slip

you're going to take your baby with you

which we don't recommend at all what we

do recommend is a change in mat which

you can get wet so you get the changing

mat wet in the water first and then lay

it on the side of the pool right next to

the surface of the water

you can then kneel down and lay your

baby flat on that change mats it's nice

and warm

this stops them going straight onto the

cold concrete on the side of the pool

which isn't a great introduction to

their first lesson into the water when

you're laying your baby down on the mat

ensure that their feet are pointing

towards the water with their head the

other way you can then sit down next to

them you put one arm across your baby

this is your safety arm this is to stop

your baby rolling either side and

ensures that it's safer for them before

they get into the water and sure they

can't roll into the water on their own

once you've got this safety arm across

your baby you can then gently slide into

the water yourself turning as you do so

once you're in the water you then put

both of your hands behind your baby's

head and neck to make sure that's fully

supported in your own time gently lean

your baby towards you and bring them in

towards the water safely this is a much

more controlled way of taking your baby

into the water rather than carrying them

down the steps if you are going swimming

with somebody else they can help you by

putting their arms across their baby on

the change mat what we don't recommend

is that that other person passes the

baby to you in the water and passes them

across the air this is also because if

they slip or if they drop the baby

that's quite a long way for them to fall

so it's much safer to lay that baby down

on the mat and bring them into the water