When is it safe to let your baby sleep on their stomach?

the American Academy of Pediatrics

recommends that babies sleep on their

back this is one of the safest things

you can do for your baby to reduce the

risk of SIDS or sudden infant death

syndrome and you asked a good question

you have a ten-month-old and want to

know at what point can they start

sleeping on their stomach a lot of

babies between 4 & 7 months will start

to roll either from their back to their

stomach or from their stomach to their

back and they'll do this all night in

their sleep some babies are very

restless and turn from side to side and

end up not sleeping on their back at

that point they're usually strong enough

to be able to get themselves out of a

compromising situation but as a parent

our job is to keep our baby's sleeping

area as safe as possible and the best

things you can do are to start your baby

off on his or her back and again they'll

probably change positions you don't need

to stand over them all night and turn

them back over when they've turned

themselves but instead focus on keeping

all soft fluffy things out of the crib

for the first year this includes bumper

pads pillows extra blankets and stuffed

animals and then after a year of age you

can start introducing these things into

your child's bed also keep a fan running

in your child's room

if you've breastfed your baby then that

alone decreases the risk as well

binky's or pacifiers help to reduce the

risk and if you or your partner smoke

then there's no better reason to quit

than your baby because smoking can

definitely increase the risk of States

for a baby the risk is actually highest

for babies that are 2 to 4 3 to 5 months

of age and the fact your baby's 10

months of age means that they're getting

closer to the end of that risk the

American Academy of Pediatrics and all

the research that has been done does say

that it exists for the first year but

all in all the risk of SIDS for your

baby at 10 months of age is way lower

than it used to be and once your baby

turns one you can start introducing more

comfortable soft things and your baby

can sleep on is his or her stomach if

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