How to handle that rude person talking on the cell phone

I know you're going to be able to relate

to this it's happened to all of us for

holiday shopping or on the bus so the

subway the person next to us is chatting

away on the phone and it goes on and on

like we're not even there and like we

want to hear the conversation so we

found someone who can help you get

through it maybe even stop it

Monica Wofford is a leadership

development expert she also wrote the

book make difficult people disappear so

she's become very handy in a lot of

situations Monica so great to meet you

you know it I mean even when I you

walked in I'm just like this we're all

guilty of it sometimes but it's that

talking on the phone when you're in line

what is it with these people do they

just not think about others what is it

often they're not thinking about others

at all these are usually extroverted

personalities so they're wanting to

either get something done or get

appreciated and the moment that you make

them aware of how extroverted they're

being or loud or obnoxious often they'll

politely walk away or say oh you know

I'm sorry but if you try to control what

they're doing then they'll make it

louder because of that same personality

thing so how might you stop this how do

we make these difficult people - there's

a couple of easy ways actually one is to

make it their idea say something like

did you did you want me to be a part of

this conversation or is this a

conversation I should really hear and

they may clue in and say oh gosh you and

walk away and get quiet or you some

empathy instead of being frustrated with

what they're doing be fascinated that

someone could actually talk that loud in

a public place but then you also might

attempt to help and say something like

would you like me to give you some

privacy to be able to finish this

conversation privacy in the middle of

the mall divorce whatever worth to look

for private whatever works you know take

something like flights soon cellphones

may be able to be used on flights we

don't not exactly I mean is this

something where society has just become

so open that we can do whatever we want

wherever we want that there's no sacred

place except maybe the quiet train on

Amtrak you you pick a cell phone up


trouble but well how much is this going

to get down the road and get worse it's

a great question you don't even have the

sacred privacy in a stall in a bathroom

anymore you and I both heard people make

phone calls flush and I just think oh my

gosh really the world has changed

technology has certainly infiltrated

every bit of our lives and I don't know

that privacy has gone away and on the

airplane certainly this will become an

issue there are a lot of million milers

a lot of frequent flyers in the airline

that I use that are vehemently against

all of the airline conversation that

might happen but one thing we can look

at is most of the time people are not

being difficult

on purpose anyone wants to be a

difficult person they really don't there

being what I would call different and I

don't mean all it's all different

they're not aware they're oblivious

there they're just taking care of what

they need to get done or they're having

a conversation with a friend and I

really don't realize what's around well

some good tips to make them put down

that cellphone and enjoy the holiday

season Monica so great to have you here

thanks so much my pleasure