Queen Elizabeth II leads royal procession at 2019 Royal Ascot | NBC Sports

here comes that moment Charlotte all

waiting army to see what color the queen

will be wearing

I can reveal Angela cameo at the core is

in cornflower blue and it's made of

double cream material the dress


you can hear the atmosphere as the Queen

starts this precession party there is

such a buzz from the crowd because

everyone is wanting to catch a glimpse

of her that's not going to dampen

people's spirits they are all there keen

to see them well you'll notice that the

carriages are open and really an exit is

pouring it down the Queen will do

everything she can to keep that carriage

top uncovered so that she can be seen in

of course she's riding there with the

king and queen of the Netherlands and

that's King willem-alexander and Queen

máxima and and the Duke of York who

really is now regularly stepping in in

the absence of the Duke of Edinburgh who

doesn't really do Ascot these days but I

have to say Queen máxima is a bit of a

showstopper well I said when I saw her

yesterday the order of garter I was

blown away by her outfit and she she

really has not disappointed today what a



beautiful dresser that looks like it

really doesn't can't wait to see you

again out the carriage well of course

they were in a carriage of business well

yesterday for the Order of the Garter

ceremony which is a bit of a prequel

actually to the royal procession here at

Oscar I have to say the weather was

slightly better yesterday but it's all

smiles from that carriage some fantastic

hats and really gorgeous glimpse of Her

Majesty the Queen so that is the lead

carriage carriage to Katie so encouraged

to you will you will see very very

shortly and we have the Prince of Wales

and the Duchess of Cornwall who there

they are looking absolutely gorgeous

actually and they don't still think or

cream and alongside the Cambridge's and

now the games just were not here last

year that they are here this year and I

think this is actually only the Duchess

of Cambridge's third royal Aston I think

the Queen will very much be hoping that

this is a tradition that the Cambridge's

are going to keep coming year after year

so that that love of racing that love of

today in rural Alaska continues through

the next generation of Royals these

pictures go onto the big screen I know

you love the cheers Charlotte

particularly when you see him actually

the Queen there was a huge intake of

bread that and food and are when the

crowd saw the Duchess of Cambridge of

her birthday and she's different


she's wearing any solvent by Philip

Treacy and I think all eyes upon her as

a fashion icon as well to see exactly

what she'll be wearing to an event like

this and it's a bit cooler today so you

know the sleeves are there to make sure

that they're covered up indeed yeah

because it's interesting as well that

she was wearing blue the past two times

she's been here 2016 and 2017

she wore ivory that's beautiful in

adoption cabana and a McQueen was lovely

but this and to say that that is quite

amazing I love the shape of that hat

what a beautiful piece of millinery kate

is you watch on and you've done this the

last couple of years but there's ITV's

royal correspondent this still give you

a fastener I still get the goosebumps

and it's not just the cold weather never

because it is such a moment and I think

you know you go out and you speak to the

crowd it of course they're here for the

horses of course they're here for the

races and the bubbles on the Pimm's but

they're here to see this but this is

home from pageantry this is a procession

like no other so doesn't matter

how long I've done this job for many

years but this is always absolutely

thrilling I love the outfit and love

seeing the Queen and as you will see in

a couple of minutes time when she comes

into the parade ring the proximity I

feel very lucky and very honored and

privileged to be this close to Her

Majesty the Queen and to see her on a

day or a week that she loves she won't

miss this it's the first engagement to

go in her diary at the start of the year

nothing will stop them from coming so

they came through the golden gates

they're on the straight Martha's short

via the Windsor enclosure to the left of

the carriages and this is carriage 3 yes

so encouraged 3 we've got the Princess

Royal Princess Anne we have the Lord de

Morny who is the new master of the horse

he was appointed the Queen's master the

war's last year so you know very little

this man doesn't know about horses and

the Wessex is the Earl of Wessex and the

Countess of Wessex the Queen's youngest

Edward and his very glamorous wife

safety were said she I have to say mark

and Shaun and I think Sophie really

pulls it out in the star shape she

really has be a meeting yesterday look

defining as his an address but lassie as

she wore she didn't realize at the time

she wore John suit which is very

experimental very nice very very she's

just got back from the busy trip to the

Lebanon she seems to be carrying out

more and more overseas trips on behalf

of the Queen

remember at the royal family in many

ways but very prominent in terms of the

work that she's doing representing the

queen very chic as well now I think

there's a change in this carriage parrot

for Tony Johnson bird who's the master

of the household is encouraged for

instead of Princess Alexandra the

Honourable lady ography so a late change

there came a change so we have the right

honourable ed was young who is the

Queen's private secretary and we also

have Princess Beatrice of York and

Princess Eugenie of York and I suspect

that we'll see them probably most days

here at Royal Ascot

they like their grandmother adore racing

they love a skirt and they really are

here and they've gone for the blue theme

I love they're not afraid of color

amazing as well we asked him what they

do get lambasted for their for their

fashion choices but I bring it I don't

know whose styling them in the moment

but they're looking really great you

know and actually it was last year of

course that and Princess usually got

married that wedding dress was a a work

of art I think that's up to them because

they look great

Peter pilato dress she had on the I

wonder if it's Peter pelota who's gonna

done her dress today as well very nice

what a beautiful shot that is of the

horses recently involved in the royal

procession you serious I mean that you

know this is the the splendour of the

day and and I just don't think you can

see anything like this anywhere in the

world you know the Queen loves horses

she still rides in fact she was pictured

on horseback just a few days before her

19th 'red birthday I just think it's

humbling isn't it it is something and

she names every one of those horses as

well so there's a real personal interest

here as well yeah and there's our first

glimpse of the Windsor enclosure just on

the far side they're always popular the

Windsor enclosure and for the first time

this year it's actually got a restaurant

Neil Rankin involved with a restaurant

there and it just shows you how you can

get something for everybody from six

pounds in there you can have your lunch

you could take the picnic the heath

enclosure the other side it's very much

picnic base and then from Thursday

you've got the village enclosure which

is the first new enclosure for 100 years

which is now doubled in size which just

sums up Roy Alaska but this very much

guys is the best of Britain there enough

time to try the feed but I did read

something funny apparently there's

enough asparagus to go around this

course twice that is consumed over the

next five days and enough funds to go

around a laugh of that that's trendiest

a plant-based food very much they're

bringing that in this year so for those

people who like their vegan in their

vegetarian option

and sustainability that's another big

thing here and ask you this year they've

got the recyclable cups and glasses

there are Syrians we'll be using


this really is the time that puts the

royal into I'll ask you they've been

past the winning post there and now they

take a left exactly the same route is

that the winners of the races this

afternoon will take under

this week who actually spent a couple of

chances chances that

and on Thursday Katie Ruff's got us on a

feature on Her Majesty the Queen

at skirt and racing it's and coming in

to salute must watch on Thursday

afternoon part two on Friday because as

you say her love of the sport just glows

ever stronger than Pat's Mullin the

great jockey Pat's Mullen said this week

and he's right racing so lucky to have

Majesty the Queen in this sport in the

sport of racing well I just wonder if

British horse-racing would be what it is

today had it not been for the Majesty

the Queen but she has put it on the

international map speaking too broke

about that as well earlier in the week

and he you know he just said it it's

largely down to her it is one of your

favorite moments coming up as they turn

left you can see people are getting a

vantage point at the top there they're

all getting their camera phones out and

it was waiting Baylor

in here you will definitely feel a buzz

from the crowd because they'll be so

excited to see ya she gets so close to

everybody here it's quite something and

from the vantage point we're at you feel

like you can lean out and touch it

do you feel incredibly privileged to it

and standing here is quite quite



his famous panic comes the royal


between all smiles

people the Royal Parade or the world

rivals now everyone knows that the world

procession nothing I like this Charlotte

you look round all the people who gather

around this patter this is busy as you

see the paddock for the royal procession

just see it coming

it's amazing everybody congregates here

and as you say an explosion of pearly

you look round and everybody's craning

their necks they've got their cameras

out they all want to see her big cheers

big smiles big ways to the Queen and she

makes her way round

it just wouldn't be the same happy roof

of the carriage beam art because you

just wouldn't be able to see her as

clearly as laughs so I think it's

wonderful that she wants to be seen by

the Pope after tomorrow has got

brilliant but from then Thursday

even more spectacular at the main



and the cheers crayons again

so now they pass by the weighing room

and the reception parties day for the

match the green includes guy Henderson

is the chief executive officer here at

ask it does such a terrific job here and

ask it just gets bigger and bigger as

brough was saying earlier we also law

black Breeden the chair of the stewards

that after she meets Johnny Weatherby of

course her Majesty's representative here

in a skirt she has been since 2011

and then for her matched it's all about

the horses from there

looking for horses before the Queen Anne

who's responsible broad within speed and

yes it don't need dates right back to

her isn't it so 17:11 it was when she

first saw this stretch of land that she

got the perfect for horses to gallop

abroad wasn't she right wonder if she

ever expected it would continue up until

today years later it's amazing to think

about the footsteps of history

really is the party with the ultimate

host I'm actually the Queen has arrived

and there is Johnny Weatherby Majesties

representative here a tasket

like Tyndale I think he's got it back to

us there so Frances Brooke

just on the right who's one of the

trustees the chairman of the business as

well there is Sir Francis on his right

is Harry Morley who's also a trustee

here whose dad was David Morley the