How Do I Move On After Having My Dog Put Down? | This Morning

I think we've got Alison on the line

morning Alison mornin

so look you've gone through a really

difficult time because you've had to

have your dog put down tell us what


yeah on the 11th of October we have to

put Ruby to sleep she was struggling

with her arthritis but it got also in

her hips and everything then just

completely took the legs it's been

difficult for you I think he was saying

that you you don't want to be in the

house you feel very numb you've stopped

eating you've lost quite a little bit of

weight because this huge presence in

your life has certainly had to go and

what sort of advice if you've got for


firstly I'm really sorry for you you

know Ruby looks a beautiful animal and

they're really sorry for your loss what

you are experienced is really normal

it's called what we call responsibility

grief because you know that it's the

best thing for Ruby but however it

doesn't make you feel any better in the

first instance I'm probably saying if

you carry on feeling like this pop and

see you GP because initially you know

they might need things to help me get

over it but the best thing is to ring us

or talk to us at Blue Cross or any

support line that's out there because

talking can help there's people out

there who can listen and support you

through this yeah do you I mean a lot of

people talk about you know I mean it's

really early days but just just from

your point of view you know people say

well it's ok you can get another dog you

get another pet or the family you miss

that presence of an animal being around

is it - is anytime too soon or is there

guilt that goes with that I would say

we're all different how we perceive

things and how we deal with grief if you

feel and when you do feel and you may

never feel like it's raining it's time

you get one then and if you part of a

family unit talk to the others don't

just rush out and bring back a new dog

thinking or a cat it'll make up for that

gap and talk to the group when you're


there's loads of animals out there you

need rehoming and lots of love it would

be a different pet have you thought

Alison have you thought about

potentially getting another pet or is

that too soon as Holly was saying we've

all decided that want one

I don't yeah because obviously she

wasn't a service dog than that it's just

heartbreaking I don't know maybe in the

future yeah

a little bit too soon I think that

you're upset like that I think that's

the most important thing like it's fine

talk about it as much you can talk about

her as much you can as well cuz clearly

she was incredible influence in your

life and I bet you've got some fabulous

memories and pictures with her we can

see just how good she was in the photo

and you don't want to forget those and

you won't forget those things and and

sadly it won't be quite as painful

remembering her it would be if we could

final it'd be lovely you share those

stories with your family a nice early

days hey