When Your Ex Moves On With Someone Else | Why Do Exes Move On So Fast?

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this video if you're watching this video

it's probably because your ex has left

you for someone else or perhaps because

that is your greatest fear you are

afraid that the person that you love is

going to jump into a new relationship

and you obsess over it day and night and

you want to know what you can do to make

sure that this does not happen my name

is coach Adrian I am one of the hosts on

love advice TV with my partner's coach

Alex and coach Natalie we have dedicated

our lives to help people rebound after a

breakup to regain their confidence and

their mojo and to make things right to

sometimes get back into a healthier

relationship and at other times to help

people just heal in order for them to at

least think clearly and make sound

decisions and the topic of today's video

is why does my ex leave for someone else

why do exes jump into other

relationships and it's a question that

was asked of me in a coaching session

with a young lady in the United States

that happened yesterday and so I wanted

to I wrote it down and I wanted to

address it today in the studios the

truth of the matter is that exes jump in

new relationships a lot of times there's

four possible scenarios the first one is

that your ex is still hurt so hurt that

they try to numb the pain by quickly

jumping into another relationship and

they feel that by being within someone

else's arms they are somehow going to

move on faster or they're not going to

have to deal with the pain and the

trauma caused by your relationship

scenario one scenario two is when I've

seen people feel extremely neglected

during their relationship so your wife

husband girlfriend or boyfriend

may feel unworthy of being loved because

you have not made them feel special you

have either completely neglected your

relationship like many people do or you

were unable to speak their love language

and so despite the love that you had

despite the fact that you wanted to make

things right the way that you express

your love was not adequate based on

their expectations and how they need to

feel cherished and so when they meet

someone else who gives them the type of

love that they deserve when they meet

someone else who gives them the

attention that they crave it is easy for

them to jump quickly into another

relationship because they feel like

that's what true love is supposed to be

and they do so because they feel like

finally they have encountered someone

that understands them that cherishes

them and so they quickly jump into

another relationship other times I've

seen people jump into new relationships

because they simply don't know how to be

single right they don't know how to be

single and this breakup created an

identity crisis of sorts and instead of

trying to figure themselves out learn

who they are truly and face their

shortcomings but also start to pursue

their own dreams they just jump into a

relationship out of fear of being alone

and simply because being single is not

something that they're comfortable with

serial daters always having to jump from

one relationship to the next and last

but not least I've seen people who jump

into new relationships simply because

they were swindled of sorts they were

made to feel as if you know you were

being manipulative you were somehow

neglecting them and they connected

emotionally with someone who was there

to support them throughout the process

and I often see men and women start

dating longtime friends friends that

they've been that they've had through

you know four years even decades because

it's safe because the passion of the

relationship became overwhelming for

them and they confided in someone else

and build an emotional connection with

someone that you perhaps weren't

threatened by because you knew this

person quite well and because they've

told you repeatedly that you know this

was a friend or a brother or a sister or

someone that you know you you had

nothing to worry about there are many

reasons many many reasons endless

reasons in reality where why exes

quickly jump into a relationship but

these are the four main reasons that I

see on a weekly basis I see these types

of scenarios happen each and every week

and if your ex if you find yourself

relating to one of these four situations

know that there is a solution there is a

specific way that we've been trained to

help you quickly bounce back and

maximize your chances of success if your

ex is with someone else based on these

different types of scenarios if you are

not on this spectrum and you still feel

that your ex is with someone else and

you would want to win them over and you

want to have answers reach out to us but

in any case I want you to continue to

learn continue to gather information so

that you are prepared to handle the

challenges that are ahead and it's not


you can turn things around and I have

been successful in helping people get

back together and all four of these

scenarios over the years quite

successful actually as long as you're

prepared to do the work as long as you

feel like you can change after your

breakup as long as you believe that your

ex is a decent person that is worth

fighting for then we can make it happen

together and so I invite you to book a

coaching session for us to work together

if you'd like to embark on this journey

with me

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