When It’s OK to Be Angry

Did you know

that you can get angry

and not sin?

It's difficult

but it actually can happen.

It's difficult

because we do have a sinful nature

inside of us.

We are bent towards evil.

We are leaning towards evil.

But the Bible says

that you can have something called

"righteous anger."

In Proverbs, chapter 13, God says,

In Romans 12,

the Bible says,

And there's a number of things

that cause us as Christians

to have a righteous anger

bubble up inside of us.

We can't just sit there idly,

when someone mocks our God

and destroys the power

of his name before another person.

We can't just sit there idly

when we see a child being molested

or beaten.

It has

this righteous anger

that comes out of us.

The problem is,

we don't stay on the side of

righteous anger very long.

We move into a sinful anger

and a rebellion anger

and a resentment anger

against other people.

A friend of mine

recently posted on to Facebook

a video of a child

being beaten, pretty mercilessly.

And the reason she posted it is

they didn't know who those kids were,

harming that other child.

That was a righteous anger that came out.

But then the comments

that were in there,

by a number of Christians,

were vile and hatred.

And God says in Ephesians 4,

God says in Deuteronomy 32,

declares the Lord.

So God says, "You can't bring justice.

It's not on you.

Give it over to me."

So what do you do then?

What do you do when you see

something that is completely wrong

and a righteous anger

stirs up inside of you

that says, "Wait a second!

That's not right!"

How do you stop yourself

from taking the justice into your own hands?

God says this.

This is the book of James.

My favorite book of the Bible.

Love his writing.

Love the spirit blessing his words.

This is chapter 1.

He says this,

When we're angry,

we don't, we aren't quick to listen.

But God says,

of crossing over into that evil anger.

When you cross over

from a righteous anger to an

unrighteous anger,

instantly confess it over to God.

Say, "God, I'm so sorry, God.

Please forgive me.

And God, please help this situation.

Make that right.

It's on my heart and it's hurting me."

And now,

you are drawing yourself

into God's arms,

into his embrace

and giving

the problem

over to him

and letting God be God

and trusting his grace.

We've all experienced anger –

hopefully a righteous anger –

over something that we've seen that was

so wrong

and we were so mad about it.

What have you done

to keep you on the right side of anger?

What techniques have you used?

What scripture verses

do you go to to gain peace

and comfort?

Can you share those below,

and help someone else who's struggling

with anger right now?

And thank you.

Thank you so much for joining me this week.

Please come back again next week

to gain more comfort in Christ.

Have a great weekend.