A-LEVEL RESULTS DAY 2018 (& a good rant)


good morning guys and welcome back so I

have a vlog so today as you can tell

it's a level results day so I've filmed

a video last year opening like my guess

results because I had politics which

counted because I was like 50% last year

but this year it's my actual a level

results guys so obviously it determines

when I get into uni or not

I saw you to check track because

obviously that lets you know if you're

going to Union and I need to go into

college which I'm trying to get there

for like 9:30 to get my results but

obviously I'm gonna let you guys know

you know what I get and everything just

document the day like a lot of people

already posting like congratulations and

stuff and that they got into their

universities so I just need to check my

University and I was waiting until I was

like ready and everything so I can just

like go Scottish and collect my results

and I'm about to check track


I'm just gonna go to college mouse click

miles oh it's cause a lot of people

actually really dead like I thought most

people wouldn't come in on so late but

I'm hearing everyone's there so I'm

trying to hurry up and leave my house

hey guys welcome back and some news so I

just came back from college that

literally 15 minutes ago so I just want

to rant to be honest cuz now got my

grades I'm gonna tell you a lot like

what I've got basically each subject you

know you give me a little breakdown of

what I was expecting kind of thing

here's the lovely people

it offers just obviously whatever kind

of scrunched up now I really spice up

the papers well expect some new little

fingers here it is migraine so I

basically got a star a B now obviously a

star a B is like really good and it's

not a compass off that got a star a B

because obviously that's good but it's

not necessarily the subjects that I

wanted to get those grades into got I

mean cuz I was predicted free a stars

which was also never gonna happen like

because I was applying to Cambridge and

that obviously I didn't get into

Cambridge like not free this like how my

application didn't go further than

interview but yeah so yeah they predicts

me free sells I don't know why because I

think I went to my teachers are synonyms

predicts me like a stars because I was

pretty soon I think three years at the

time I think one of them just changed it

to a star even though I needed like one

person because you need a star a so

ended up just being three stars anyway

and obviously as I said I got into uni

because my offer was a BB and I got a

star a B but I was so lucky to get the B

because less less thought this

conversation so I got an a star

sociology which I don't know why I like

I don't know why like I might even tell

me read but why am I gonna sociology

because I had a Rama that a star in like

history cuz I worked so hard for history

and I've always wanted to a Stein

history because one GCSE I got a star in

history and I just always wanted like

that a Stein a level but that did not

happen because I've got 156 UMS and I

think and a star was 167 stairs I mean

like I was nearest but like I probably

got into like a few more

into the a basically and I think I know

why because my first paper just like

flopped me so badly because I was one

question which I didn't advise for 20

marks I look she wrote like a paragraph

in a bit so I don't know where I was

trying to go that probably got like 10

out of 20 and the other ones like the

source was alright but of course she

wasn't really like a star I can told me

like an air quality so I've already got

like a B in that paper my second paper

it was really good like the questions

well calm easy but I just did have time

to finish the source question so I

probably got in a like paper look I

don't know the breakdown because it

doesn't say like on this new thing so

I'm literally just guessing here and

then for my last paper which was

actually my best paper which is usually

the hardest paper I'm assuming I got

like maybe a high a for that so average

that's an a obviously ever rule and I've

got an a star my core so it's actually

pisses me off because the course I

worked so hard for like I member crying

and everything cuz my teacher was

actually like in the beginning like

he didn't help me of anything and then

all set up growing to like him now shout

to you but yeah like I wasn't that cool

so everyone and when I found out I got

39 out of 40

so like one mock or four marks I was a

slack I'm like I have to bear these

exams because I really got a star course

I worked so hard to not be getting a

style exam and clearly here we go

I've got name but whatever an ace dog

obviously goods and cause I wanted

history on politics at uni like an a is

still decent and then the B is in

politics and guys like deep affair


I failed politics actually so funny so

obviously last year cuz it's a module

exam I got a last gen I've got like

hazing both my papers I've got 90% in

one of them but an 85 another one as in

terms of UMS and it's at 100 so that was

calm and then this year cuz literally my

teachers were so when I tell you

though I was so bad like we had two

teachers obviously makes it hard anyway

because they're teaching you two

completely different things and I say

I've read a C and another teacher marks

it all why did you mention I always

mention about thinking this teacher told

me to write exactly that and you're

telling me you don't meant to write that

so what am I supposed to write you I

mean and they were both not up to

standard I kind of end of the year like

I just didn't attend the course it's

less than I thought let me just teach

myself I don't know the day then I'm

going to teach me so literature whole

years of that second year politics

nothing what in my head they went here


right here nothing went in there like I

did not know anything what service I

literally taught myself it let's say

three weeks before the exam a month

before is that much OC is bad and it

because I should have kept up with it

kind of thing and like it was just

because I wanted to I think I put more

focus on like history because I really

wanted to do well in history without

always their browsing history and so was

the end I started kind of picking up

politics and stuff but guys actually

felt like for what I revised I thought I

worked hard enough like to get at least

I don't know like a B overall in this

year's paper

I got indeed I've got a Dean I've worked

out so in unit three which is the first

the third paper whatever I got a C which

is 64 year last month and then in unit 4

I got a Dean I got 252 and that's been

one idea because the D is 50/50 I think

or something so basically like just got

a D so at least we didn't get a like a

nice we got a D and then I calculated or

together plus like last year's I'm

taking off your mess and all of that I

basically got 58 percent this year which

is a D so overall in this is politics

exams whatever I got D and lost jack on

a so lucky average doctor because I

needed a BB but obviously cuz I had the

ACE thought it would probably so except

to me if I were like they start AC

because they only wanted a BB anyway but

it's a thing where like I know like I

wasn't expecting much I'm gonna like

like all yells getting like DS on my MOX

I was getting C's like in like 45 marker

questions whatever cuz I don't you

didn't have to answer the question I

didn't know what I was doing nothing so

I like she works so hard I'm actually

proud because to get more Dean but like

you know to get at least a beautiful

release is not a C obviously to

standards like for some people see is

good like a be as good a DS good

whatever and I shouldn't complain

because it is a beat it wasn't like no

one's been look oh you got this D in

this paper and it like no one cares but

it's a thing where like obviously it's

just a bit man's like it's just a bit

man you don't we just see deed like you

just CD and you think need to get a D

like cuz in Deus Ex is I got free a star

six is and a beam so now I'm getting DS

which is not obviously bad it's just

like successes relative kind of thing

I'm actually happy that it's a beautiful

at least and it's not see cuz then for

me like personally I see wouldn't really

be what I wanted to get like in my a

levels whatever so I'm just proud that

last year I banged up politics and came

out back Averell this year was actually

kind of hard as well and especially

having teachers I'm not trying to

obviously just blame my teachers because

as my pilot hadn't really advise on that

but I just gave up because my teachers

were so I don't really have any

motivation for that but yeah I'm shocked

in the a-star sociology because

basically paper three sociology all my

days I let u 4i flops paper three

because but the night before they change

the paper because the paper got leaked

someone leaked like the people that are

going to give us and when I looks at

those questions those questions I would

have much preferred compared to the

questions that we got in the like new

paper whatever and I'd actually thought

I it because the first paper it

was actually really common like it was

all the good questions and I bet

everyone would say that I was like class

differences in education with Fetty more

colored us a banging simple question

that we didn't G says he's like

so that was calm paper - it was all

right like it was kind of tricky but it

was calm and I have what I at least get

in that paper but third people made sure

I it so to get a started that

must mean I got you but a start all my

papers all gone like an a maybe all A's

but high A's or like Chuy's doesn't I

don't know but a start so surely it's

decent I don't know I keep getting

stolen socially like why like it's

obviously a good thing but I don't want

it in sociology like maybe I should just

bloody take so sure you're not history

on politics cuz clearly I don't know

politics and history are going a which

is good but it's not good because I was

10 I was 11 years away from an a star

which obviously means I did not get like

a good a to begin like near to a star

whatever and there's no point about

remarking because I don't actually care

cuz I still got into uni side entered a

good for me whatever but you know ace

bar a beam it's got like a little bit of

bias for year 12 yeah 13 you got a

buckle down fix up because it's actually

hard like the jump from year 12 to year

13 is worse than you eleventy at all

that there's nothing you'll ever see at

all to be honest at least I got into uni


I'm actually happy so I'm gonna be doing

like uni and vlogs like weekly vlogs

doing the lives shopping for my uni

stuff realtor freshers week like

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