oh [ __ ] you have a hole in your wall the

size of my hand it's the size of my head


what are you what are you gonna stick

your head in the oven at the end of

every month yeah I just sent it to a

pool 375 a big miss stall like

Thanksgiving turkey

I'll treat you lose my I'll pay a bad

when I get my check

I'm dying what best case scenario you

have six to ten months I don't like her

mom too pretty I don't want a pretty

doctor you don't have time to shop

around I need a drink don't look so

excited about remember when you played

the flute I'm leaving

what you don't know you don't know what

she's like this isn't about her this is

about the woman you become when this is

all over what about the woman I am now

what about her you can either be the

hero or the victim of this narrative


taking care of me is everything you have

been good at

I know you miss daddy but he ain't here

to protect you

evening miss can you come out


and come in


I understand her old man's lawyer gave

you more than fair offer itself

there's a contract froze be back

tomorrow night and collective it's all

real sorry to hear about your husband's

passing word around town is it still

senior Dunn made an offer on this place

take these boys I'm not taking no for an


serious God doesn't give us what we

can't handle but I ain't here to pray

we're not planning on Turkish women


how long you think it's gonna last long

as it needs to

cuz all of its in the cleaners is not

gold come on back with the Gotland a lot

of people don't know about organized

crime in the south that it's not that


what's with the cones about the

randomness of it might throw off a cop

smart I'm near the bottom rung of an

outfit run by a man I've never met

before man named frog I'm the boss you

may never refuse an order and you may

never quit right park ranger

I'm with frog I've been ordered to

intervene do not socialize with the

locals do not draw attention to yourself

it's creepy

do you like creepy you decide to run off

I will hunt you down and I'll kill you

I'm gonna die most likely either of you

boys like to call me sir you can if you

want I won't think it's corny

we're gonna go traffic drugs across

state lines sir you boys catch yourself

starting to complain about boredom just

remember there's a bored criminal who's

a good criminal is this an order from

frog we've been thinking about

streamliner you can't do that we do a

whole bunch we're not supposed to do

frog don't seem to mind it's better to

have to look for something to do than

have something to do look for you you

expecting somebody you know it's funny

you boys are here just hang it out

seemed suspicious to you these two was

supposed to be working for me

they're about the worst enemies I've

ever had

I've never asked for my life to become a

great store but that's what's happening

here it's not gonna end well for you


you think you're good enough to outdo a

man that's what you do classy - and I'm

ready to enter I take my last breaths of

this atmosphere for two years we were

pioneers we were the first biosphere

Ian's how can you prepare yourself for

journey into the unknown a biosphere is

a closed system with plants and animals

and it atmospheres

all inside we called it - for - because

Spicer one is the earth if we're going

to go to Mars of the Moon we'd better

know how to make my sphere climate

change is a threat we were going to

counteract that threat we put in rain

forests a desert and in an ocean with a

living coral reef it was a global

curiosity fate human beings separated

from life

I don't know any innovative human

organization that doesn't have cult-like

aspects we called ourself synergists

John Allen was a very good leader he was

a mind


here is your brainwashing cult leader


the eight biosphere Ian's are now

quarantined together the negativity

started fighting is taking away from us

accomplishing their objectives that set

off alarms to me I I don't want to talk

about it

members took part that strange costume

rituals Yun Ellen was having paranoid


things were falling apart there was

something died and was really shocking

thing happened there's a sudden spike in

co2 we were suffocating and starving he

was not legal everything that could go


here is this capsule of life from Earth

there was science fiction without the

fiction this is an incredible moment the

future is here


how do you die for your mommy tell the

truth the man cannot outrun his destiny


your mother soldier 15-pound you cost me

and you can learn that back I work on a

child yet I were already traveling Full

Tilt toward the man I would become

the child assassin the legend what makes

you think I won't kill you right now she

won't know the man you pretend to be I'd

rather see to it that your kind suffer

from either side of that [ __ ] you call


when they choice but the Macchio your

son in Tennessee risky he could boy you

go out there and be a big man what boys

wanna build an army

go to war the body bulletproof boys

many would call me the coldest blooded

murderer ever

but others knowing the truth could call

me a hero

and farewells this world always got

leftist historian

I got 50 bucks says this boy beat

anybody in this money why do you do my

blood like it's in yours did it ever

occur to you to be his parents to DS

blaming you wonder why takes off your

bad now yeah it's not fair you drove him


wait you're Dallas kid we're playing for

money he that's Rackham not ball he

didn't call the [ __ ] boy called it right

I did hear him this boy beat us fair and



anywhere I can take you just plays in

bars for money right this cop might be

looking for me gonna turn me in

I don't know yet Dallas you know whether

he comes back or even if he doesn't you

can't let it derail your own life

hey Dad are you doing it Bob

I'm gonna bring dad home don't do this

thousand dollars yeah I know we can get

the money



who are you sorry enough choice you

always have a choice you know Joel

Brandt no roadmap to being a daddy

just do the best we can not here for you

I'm here to beat you I think we'd be

making some history here tonight never

beaten me more than a game in a row in

his whole life

make it good daddy I shot you get



I would see sister Monday everywhere I

looked I would see her standing in the

dark corners of my room I would swear

she was inside watching me soon we're

here hurry up and take your picture so

we can go there it is so what's the

story about this place this is old horse

creek church it used to be a convent

there was one nun sister Monday she was

suspected of killing prisoners in jail

what happened to her

vanished without a trace some people

think she's still

wanders these halls


sometimes we are more scary than what we



there's a monster in my room where under

my bed


cool hi Matt hello

oh are you looking for something

specific or just browsing everything in

this in this store has a story to tell



Hey what are you doing Magento service





so how long you here this time

I think another week I'll keep my

fingers crossed for you my son I haven't

talked with each other in a year

Jimmy be careful if you go in that way

there's no way to track you I just want

to get out there bag my buck this season

we're still running this track sir a

manhunt continues for five suspects in a

violent armed robbery the five are

considered armed and extremely dangerous

nobody's gonna pin you down that's for


damn straight

here's the money back

we know everything about you go ahead

kill me I don't get it

that blood on your jacket looks pretty

fresh never please


this is wot wado and Cayuga New Mexico

and this is the news for the after Lots

tell spike so are you like some big

science girl tell me about sides


ever it's Faye I'm a sound came to the

board interrupted your radio show



what's going on effort

7:18 here wo tws Aled we'd like to play

that seems to be bouncing around the

valley what's going on they've come here

before they have liked this place they

always have

it is 7:45 p.m. we may have smilin

what's he doing here is helping me stop




what's going on there's something in the



hello Doctor what is going on I'm your


okay no not get me a bad I don't think

it's a good giving a patch now you want

to go have some fun then how do you know

these people I don't she would sell your

soul for something this big it's

probably gonna kill her

grouping followed speed up those pills

we stole from your friend polo boy

they're a fake I told you not to sit

stay out of it

need to get that bag back Mike we're

gonna end up in the back of a white

panel van lined with cardboard you feel


I'm sorry that you got roped into all

this you seem like a big kid doesn't it

seem like it everything is gonna get


it's okay doctor


my name is Ovid how did I

a nice boy from small-town Rome end up

in trouble with the brutal emperor after

years of civil war the newly anointed

Emperor Augustus had finally brought

peace to the Roman Empire

congratulations sir it was during this

time I was born this is Rome man it's a

great city

it's got great nightlife great poets and

oh the women that's why they call it the

city - never sleeps you know what I'm


does it everyone's having sex this cat

coming up next earned his stripes up

here he is without question our most

popular poet if you wanted to find a

lover where would you go anyone in this

crowd who does not know the art of

lovemaking let him hear my magic formula

sounds better radical

unrest in the camp people are starving

and out of work instead there's a young

poet of increasing popularity named a

puppet then what do we do now

we need to remind them what their

country stands for we give them values I

was preparing to tell about violent war

and serious metre with all lovers are

soldiers do you know about his

granddaughter she's connected to some

sort of political opposition you're the

practical poet

you've heard of Augustus is moral

reforms people are organizing there

could be violence

everybody's so bent out about politics

these days Augustus is trying to

consolidate power the monarchy or

dictatorship how do we keep some fault

maybe suffering this will mean death

maybe a real trouble with the government

break off



oh I love Greg uh what I love Greg Greg


Oh Orion Jones yeah speak it well I

don't remember the Gregorian chant I'm

in they're both good this is the fourth

time we've been on one of these fennel

jaunt we're retracing the steps of

Odysseus Greeks were camped here ten

years I can do a week tops

with a pillow I won't camp without a

pillow it's a shame we're getting the

ferry I would like to stay in the hotel

lesbian come come Mr Bond do you like

staying in the hood lesbian justice what

does I do I can get my head down in the

lesbian I'm more than happy come on you

mean come on how that's convenient


no I look better as I get older

lots of women man is gonna say it as

well I'm saying it you look better a

little thank you

you were unpalatable as a young man

we're not got much time left you're

gonna miss me


you can be exhausting look god you

should meet you Oh

I could do that you could not let me

swim to the sirens if you died I would

gladly try and resuscitate you they

waving goodbye to me your old Greek

actors so I'll stab you that would come


how about you do a sponsored silence now

for challenging for 97 minutes you

forget what's a self-regarding ask

Coogan is in real life my takeaway from

that is he thinks I'm a brilliant actor

that's where you take away from it yeah


doing marlon brando there's a large

effect of oh you tell event that we were

say at the Cape of Good Hope I will sail

around the heart speaks with you gotta

push these things


what would you say you're most proud of

my seven BAFTAs knife or maybe my


yeah whatever got any rafters though you

have got children which is interesting


everything in here was stolen and they

put me in charge of finding a who took

it and who sold it to the Nazis this was

just found in goings hidden collection

it's so familiar i'm captain joseph

pillar of the allied provisional

government during the war

what did you do tried to survive make

everybody else

sold to US Marshal Hammond gurgling for

more than 1.5 million guilders I need to

know where this for Mia came from

everyone likes huh he's the life of the


what's Germans attended his party I

never said they did he went to one of

his parties I went to a lot of parties

you and you left collaboration with the

enemy it's a capital offense

they're shooting people in the streets

this is your chance at redemption and

yet I am sensing that perhaps it is you

who needs redemption

Ministry of Justice I've heard you

snagged a big fan we'll take it from



this guy's an honorary nuts so let him

swing with the rest of them I am an

artist not a Nazi spy did he offer you

some money how much does it cost to buy


like you care so much about this man is

not the man really it's a fact that he's



I work six days a week breaking my back

I'm going to work harder and you ready


I work you read that's the deal

he's gonna be a millionaire in Norma

York oh my god


try information for world rates and

windows on the world restaurant password

pop of workers I can't get anything we

have to call somebody who let's go to

New York later tonight

it costs a lot of money to cross and

follow me


welcome to America they better hope the

Border Patrol comes and gets them

hey y'all gonna die out here I've been a

meal before but never a camel I'm

looking for but Azaria know so I'm sorry

but undocumented workers don't show up

on our lists if you didn't officially

work in the towers can't officially be


the world is full of willing people

those who are willing to work the rest

who are willing to let them what are you


washing your windows if you're gonna be

washing my windows then I'm buying you a

beer after work


I think I'll sum up on this away


I thought about the family my

grandchildren his work and work and work

I know that did my father's not dead

they realize it's easier to leave if you

don't say goodbye I hope you find your

father I'm fine

who came here because our family needs

the money so don't mind we'd rather have

a father guy