hi everyone and welcome to my Channel

today I'm going to tell you about rainy

season in Cancun it starts at the

beginning of May and lasts until the end

of October or November so what happens

during this time sometimes you can see

the weather like this all the time is

gray all day and this can last for a few


it can be very rainy so the rain may

last for maybe five minutes then it can

stop for ten minutes then then start

again and it can happen like this during

the whole day so there's no time at all

to go to the beach sometimes yes

sometimes it happens during this time

but sometimes you can see absolutely

sunny days sometimes there are just one

rain in a day so all the rest of the day

is very sunny and wouldn't very nice to

go to the beach conclu has a hotel zone

most of the hotels are located here it

has two parts one part this is the part

where you can usually don't have waves

at all but for now as you can see here

are waves they are not very big so you

can definitely swim here but Keira

service because of them but when there

are no ways there are no service and

which is perfect here is another part of

the hustle zone that is at the open

ocean it usually has big waves even in

pop season but for now I think when it's

very windy

waves are a lot bigger and I'm not sure

that you can walk like this along the

ocean because this are probably really

very very big so obvious

do I think should you come here during

rainy season I think if you have an

opportunity to come here during the high

season it's definitely better but if you

can't at all and if your vacation every

year I think you can come and you can

try but always keep in mind that all

your vacation you just should tell

yourself before your vacation that you

won't be disappointed if you see this

weather because it's anyway the sea

anyway this is the beach and anyway the

really beautiful thing here's also the

freaking season

at the top of it is and the opposite and

September and if you book your vacation

during this season just try to stay

flexible and cancel everything if the

hurricane will be predicted and one more

thing if you come here during rainy

season consider the hotel that has

something to entertain you during the

rain not just haughty but something with

where you will find things to do during

rainy weather I hope this video was

useful please ask any questions that you

have subscribe to my channel and see you