When Do You First Feel Baby Kick? | Kaiser Permanente


the second trimester is pretty exciting

because most women start feeling their

baby move for the first time most women

will begin to feel movement around week

20 to 22 it's very common but it's also

very intermittent certain factors can

contribute to being sooner or later to

that mark including your weight the

location of the placenta and if you've

had a baby before

so for first-time moms fetal movement is

usually determined at about 20 weeks for

a woman having her second or baby or

beyond that often comes sooner and it

varies a lot from birth of the person

once you hit around 23 24 25 weeks we

would expect you to be feeling the baby

every day it generally feels like

butterflies in your stomach and will

progress to more distinct movements as

the baby becomes larger the first time

you feel it especially if you've never

been pregnant before you might think is

that somebody tapping is that some gas

to have a gas bubble am i hungry

sometimes you're not really sure what

you're feeling so you start feeling it

more consistently and then you can put


there so you just sort of sit there and

you're thinking it's that the baby can't

stop the baby moving I think that's just

gas I'm not sure all of a sudden you

just feel this undeniable kick and it's

just the coolest feel because popcorn if

you're like popping what it was like

going off in your stomach it does and

then it just starts getting stronger and

stronger and then it actually feels like

real kicks later on it it's just such a

cool feeling knowing that you know

you're growing this little baby inside

of you it just made it feel like there

is really somebody growing inside of me

it was pretty cool I'm very excited to

fill those first movements but as my

doctor had said you know around 20 weeks

you should start feeling it so any day

now I'm waiting for those to happen

don't really worry about it on a

day-to-day basis later on in pregnancy

we're gonna have you keep track of the

fetal movements and that's when it's

truly important