How to pray sitting in a chair? - Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

Scizor manish says can you please

explain the procedure of praying while

sitting in a chair now this question has

two two parts let's assume one the part

that deals with an individual praying on

a chair - the part dealing with an

individual praying in the row in a

masjid for those praying alone if you

are unable to stand up then you pray

sitting down you say Allahu Akbar I'm

sitting on a chair at the moment and

I'll go a little bit back like this so I

hope the camera does not it's not

affected so whether I'm standing or

sitting I pray my normal prayer when it

comes to rock or if I'm standing I

offered my normal rocker if I'm unable

to offer my normal record because of a

bank back injury so I sit down I say

Allahu Akbar and I bow like this a

little bit inclined to the front Sami

Allahu Liman Hamidah

I raise up and in sujood again I say

Allahu Akbar but I make it a little bit

more steeper now a lot of the Muslims

ask about the position of the hands

because sometimes you see people doing

this as if they're Superman pause what

is this saying I cannot put it on the

ground so I put it in front of me others

bring a pillow a third portion bring a

table and they put their hands on it all

of this is nonsense this is innovation

the way of doing is putting and placing

your hands on your knees or on your

thighs and keep them there all the time

when you bow and you prostrate so I hope

this clarifies things you do not put it

in the air or on a table or on a pillow

secondly when I am sitting on a chair

where should I place that

under Oh because sometimes we find

people when they pray standing up they

are like a footer or a half or two ahead

of the row so that when they sit for

prostration and for tisha hood they sit

in line with the others is this valid

the answer is no if you're praying

standing up this is scenario number one

you should be standing up with the rope

and your chair should be at the back

okay sure this would affect those in the

second row this is not my business

Allah will ask me about my place in the

row if I am a foot or two ahead of the

row Allah will ask me why did you

advance so I have to stand at the same

level of the row but if I'll be praying

the whole prayer sitting down then I

have to move my chair forward so that

when I'm sitting my back is exactly in

line with the shoulders and of the

people in the row so I hope this answers

your question