This Roblox game ACTUALLY added VOICE CHAT

okay I just kind of got out of bed oh

this games probably got taken down sooo

they have a real roblox of voice chat

where you can actually voice chat

I'm scared it's just gonna start picking

up my voice though you pick for this

game okay it's only available on like

very few platforms so I actually had to

get roblox off the Microsoft App Store

or whatever well nobody uses their

Microsoft account how am I supposed to

know all right I'm gonna try to play

this now I'm on the roblox and how do

you talk though so it's good I had to go

to this website which I don't know I

wouldn't recommend doing it okay that's

it that's coming from the game this guy

any moment could just start screaming

terrible things that mean that's why

don't probably don't come here just

because like well one I don't know how

long this game is gonna be up to you got

to prepare your ears for some first I

mean words not that anyone's done to me

yet but someone might do to you

hello can anybody hear me Oh oh my god

so it's like it's uploading it right now

so it's gonna upload that so I said

hello can anybody hear me that I press

stop recording and now it's uploading

that voice file and I think now I'll

just be able to say it to people so it's

not like live voice chat yet alright

start recording hey there sisters maybe

it's just listening to everything I'm

saying and this is all just a ploy to

spy on the people of roblox is a big

monkey hey don't say that

they heard it who heard me say hey

sisters okay so hey scissors oh wow

that's a beautiful woman yeah I need to

confess my love caliber Kaleo does

alright Kaleo dust you are the most

beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes


so yeah especially right now it takes a

while after it's uploaded because uh or

it takes a while to upload then it kind

of just sends it into the game it makes

you say it it's only taking it like an

insane amount of time right now oh like

most of time it actually just kind of

like shuts down yeah most of the time it

doesn't work because there's way too

many people on it I haven't talked to

the Korea

a bit they just paid like $100 for a new

server $80 something like that look I'm

trying to confess my love to Kaleo thus

she's got all the guys in the world look

at them they're trying to pretend they

don't care about but everybody is going

after Kaleo of us everyone knows she's

the hottest babe I need to tell her

right feelings I can't express it with

with text she's not gonna understand


got some real supporters in the chat I

wouldn't ask in the chat for everyone

who wasn't able to join Flamengo see

it's weird

I think somebody we might I don't know

what that other guy was saying there's

like screaming into his mic he sounds

like he's in a war zone that's that's a

cute boy that's the only guy who compete

with me for Kaleo deaths where's Kali of

this oh my god okay you're right there I

gotta try second Kaleo does you are the

most beautiful woman I have ever laid my

eyes on I cut my time down by a second

last time I have the quicker it all

uploaded he will want me to scream at

you guys but I I am only trying to say

one thing to one person so we're just so

just call me fat I heard Coolio does his

voice just kidding I didn't there's like

20 voices going on Albert isn't fat yes

big bones thank you not fat not fat not

fat not fat not fat I appreciate that I

think it's gonna it's gonna say mine

it's gonna say mine cleared us you

doesn't listen I'm about to say

something to you

over there stupid idiot talking over me

thanks he he

oh my god I love this so much all of you

are fat let's try that so now we wait

another five minutes to see if that

actually gets up glorious I had no idea

how they do it all but Khalid that

cleared us literally heard me say

clueless you're a good-looking boy hi oh

hey is nervous me too

oh wow that's a really good-looking

person too

all my things about to get started it's

good I'm gonna scream at them it's gonna

scream at them quiet my voice I'm gonna

get my other Marlar my voice recording

got accepted did you probably a better

idea they should add a game pass so you

can have like big juicy lips you know

that thing is gross

I hate that thing am I pretty look stop

fishing for compliments I already gave

you the most the biggest compliment in

the world oh my god your voice is ugly

Wow I'm so happy to be insulted

report my don't report me don't snitch

I'm gonna leave now I'm literally in

tears I might faint see I want this but

I want to be the only one to talk and I

want to be able to just like just have

streams of my voice going out to these

people and just tell them what to do

dude that'd be so easy to coordinate

group videos like I could I could do

like a Simon Says thing with you guys

like Simon Says reset and they're like

just two seconds later everyone resets

to be perfect subscribe to me yes

right now we wait

sorry I had to sit through that oh I

think it's brought breaking yeah I think

roblox is roblox is dying right now

not like literally like roblox is

clearly not dying Adame has a million

players right now and it's lagging the

entire website oh it had like 1.6


earlier I think and that's just that's

insane that's literally 10 times more

than Blacksburg almost oh yeah obviously

don't go here unless you are 13 or older

just like this chord account deleted or

content modelers have determined that

your behavior roblox has been in

violation of our Terms of Service letter

a note your account has been deleted for

creating promoting or participating in

inappropriate behavior content this is a

violation of our Terms of Use this isn't

mine you just figured I'd get the hell

away this is for the people who may be

the what's the the voice chat game it's

gone it's deleted there that counts been

deleted I don't think that was like

anytime I main account they use I think

they just I don't know I figured it

would get deleted because I even up the

audio I was saying would probably

normally get like declined by roblox

themselves okay well I have a couple

audios weight loss in the audio that I

try to upload a roblox just gets gets

flat-out ignored

I don't even know if they had to get any

others approved I think it just I think

you probably could have just said

anything I think I I really could have

just said anything I wouldn't have but I

could have it's actually made by the

same people who uh let me okay let me

show you guys something I missed out on

this so uh like a couple days ago a few

days ago they made it an AA B I'm pretty

sure I'm like 99% sure they're the same

people they made an a/b where you could

actually get roebucks they gave out

about a hundred thousand of roebucks

before they stopped yeah this dude I'm

sure a lot of you heard about this but

yeah they they gave out if you completed

this really easy ah B they gave you like

I think like a couple like a hundred

roebucks and then it went out really

really quickly and before I even heard

about that I saw this

called uh free robux today hello hello

yeah backs and a lot of people it had

like a lot of normal comments saying

like why they delete this one Italy this

it worked books really for you to get it

it's like it actually it wasn't a scam

all you had to do was do the ah be and

it gave you robots like it automatically

paid like so many people out they look

this here's one of the satisfied

customers yeah backs Thank You Tommy

so I saw that group a few days ago and

then like a little bit after because I

kind of like looked it up I was just

like really really confused now I found

out it was an actual thing I somehow

just didn't hear about it for like a

whole day

roblox makes dreams unfair and the

person who did who made that is also the

person who like heck to meet city a

while ago I don't know how they hacked

it I know III missing so much where is

this actually what meet city look like

say uh

they did some pretty bad things to beep

City and then mean City gotcha so this

is all by the same the same dude or same

group of dudes I don't know much about

it but they did send me that band note

and uh they seem like nice guys from the

conversation I've had with them I think

it's important for me to also say hey

don't don't hey don't play that game so

that'll be all Oh fun fact if you type

in voice chat now it actually uh

bleeps it all out a very understandably

I don't think it did that before because

there's this one game where you can do

text-to-speech say if you're under the

age of thirty don't play that game dude

what if you hear Oh what did you have a

bad mood

I like how roblox is kind of a dangerous

place you go to drawing games people

could draw terrible things people do

text-to-speech weird things

you got like little robots you can talk

to look I don't care man I don't care

about anything don't care about you what

do you guys think that doesn't be so

much chaos especially like with you guys

if voice shout was an actual thing I

would be so toxic my shot was like a

worldwide thing on roblox

that'd be terrible yelling at people cuz

like but like when I go to Wild West I

didn't like people like kill me I have

to go all the way back they arrest me

it's like dude I get so mad

and I was getting so mad a couple days

ago playing this yeah comment what you

think about what do you think about