How to Wear Suspenders (and Why You Might Want To)

what's up guys my name is Brock you're

watching the mods fan and today we're

talking about suspenders


what are suspenders are they better than

belts are they good for shorter men

should you wear them what kind of

suspenders should you buy these are all

great questions and I'm gonna try to

answer them as best as I can in this

video I want to thank knj for supporting

my mission by sponsoring this video if

you recognize the name McKay K and J you

might have seen their shirttail garters

in my video about how to keep your shirt

tucked in these are also called shirts

days and I think they're one of the best

ways to keep your shirt tucked in now KK

and Rhea in addition to making

traditional and cyclists shirttail

garters they also make suspenders and

like their shirts days these are

handmade in Brooklyn they're very high

quality they're gonna last you a very

long time so I'll be using a pair of

their suspenders throughout the video as

an example and if you don't have any

suspenders and you want to get a pair

definitely check the link down and below

in the description ok suspenders have

been around since the early 1800s and

like any other fashion accessory they're

subject to trend and you know I don't

think they're gonna replace the belt

anytime soon but if you think about it

suspenders actually make a lot of sense

now I'm no physicist but you know if

you're trying to keep the pants up and

gravity is pulling them down suspenders

are a pretty logical solution

a lot of people actually prefer them to

bells to say they're more comfortable

and they they're more effective at

keeping their pants up

especially you know if you've ever worn

pants that are a little too big around

the waist and you have a belt and you've

cinch it tight but then there's like

extra material kind of folded under the

belt it can be uncomfortable and your

pants can droop throughout the day now

granted just because suspenders are a

very logical solution to hold your pants

up it doesn't mean that you're gonna

wear them all the time for example if

you're wearing a very casual outfit like

jeans and a t-shirt suspenders are gonna

look kind of weird and a belt might make

more sense but for me when I'm dressing

up like if I'm wearing a suit I actually

try to avoid belts and so instead I opt

for side adjusters and suspenders and I

think that this is an especially great

look for sure guys because it eliminates

a horizontal line that kind of cuts you

in half visually so it's a very clean

aesthetic it's very comfortable and I

think it kind of elongate your figure a

little bit so when I buy suits or

trousers I make sure that they have

suspender buttons installed so they're

ready to go now if you already have

trousers and they don't have buttons

installed no worries you can install

them yourself it's very easy to do at

home or you can take them to a tailor

and have them so in some buttons and you

can even have them remove the belt loops

for you for like five bucks

now some suspenders like the ones from

KK MJ come with an extra set a button

that you can use or you could just go to

a craft store or something in and buy

some buttons or use some other ones that

you have lying around in terms of

whether or not to leave the belt loops

it's kind of up to you you know some

people would say you know choose a belt

or suspenders and if you're gonna wear

suspenders just remove the belt loops

other guys want to keep the option to

wear a belt

so you know it's definitely up to you I

think menswear purists would say that

it's much more elegant to remove the

belt loops if you're gonna wear your

pants with suspenders okay so we know

what suspenders are we know that they're

a great way to hold your pants up

especially with formal outfits we'll

talk about how to wear them so there are

really two main considerations the size

and the style let's talk about sizes

suspenders come in different lengths and

different widths now the standard length

is about 46 inches and this is going to

be fine for the vast majority of guys

now if you're really tall or really

short like I'd say under 5 to

you might want to look into custom

length suspenders keep in mind they're

all adjustable but if you're concerned

about length I would recommend ordering

custom length benders I know k can J

will do this upon request so I would

definitely take advantage of that and

the other component of size is with

that's the width of the actual bands of

your suspenders now the standard width

of about 1 and 3/8 inches is just fine

for most body types if you're a bigger

guy or want a more conservative look you

can wear wider suspenders I'd say up to

about 2 inches and similarly if you're a

very thin guy or if you want a more

fashion-forward look you can go with

thinner suspenders but I wouldn't go any

thinner than about 1 inch because and

you're kind of getting into like trendy

fashion II territory and you kind of

give up some of the comfort and

functionality that suspenders offer now

for most guys again the standard length

and the standard width is just fine so

let's talk about the color and pattern

the style of your suspenders

just like with pocket squares suspenders

don't really have to match the rest of

your outfit perfectly in fact the color

of your suspenders matters even less

than that of your pocket square because

they're really not gonna be seen that

much you know suspenders are kind of

like underwear in that you're gonna be

wearing something over them your jacket

and so people really won't see them very

much um so there aren't many rules about

you know what color or pattern your

suspenders have to be but granted you

are probably gonna take your jacket off

eventually like if you're at a wedding

you're gonna hit the dance floor take

your jacket off roll your sleeves up and

people are gonna see your suspenders so

we'll talk briefly about color and

pattern now just like with ties solid

colors and darker colors are going to be

more formal than lighter colors and

patterns in the same way certain fabrics

are gonna be more formal like silk

suspenders are gonna be more formal than

suspenders made of heavier rougher

materials now a good solid bet is solid

color suspenders that are darker than

your shirt so for example if you're

wearing a blue suit with a light blue

shirt dark blue suspenders are a great

bet in fact I think if you could only

own one pair of suspenders solid navy

blue is probably the most versatile

now you do get bonus points if your

suspenders compliments or pick up on

other colors in your outfit for example

in this outfit my kkj suspenders have

gold hardware and that picks up the gold

in my tie and in my wristwatch and I

think it all looks really great together

now there is one part of your suspenders

that should match the rest of your

outfit and that is the ends of your

braces which are typically made from

leather so just like with belts you

should try to match your leathers so if

your suspenders have brown leather ends

then they're gonna look best with brown

leather shoes similarly if you're

wearing say a dark charcoal suit and

black Oxford's it's gonna look best if

your suspenders have black leather ends

now this is all assuming you're not

wearing clip-on suspenders which are

generally frowned upon listen do what

you want but you know I say if you're

gonna wear suspenders why not wear

traditional button suspenders I think

they're a lot more elegant they're very

easy to install and you know why not now

with matching leathers some guys draw a

hard line in the sand about this you

know I guess technically it is one of

those menswear rules I say just try to

avoid clashing with different types of

leathers but you know it's not the end

of the world if your shoes don't match

your suspenders perfectly you know you

don't need to own a pair of suspenders

in every shade of brown you know just do

your best to match the leather on your

suspenders to the leather and your shoes

okay and that's all you really need to

know about suspenders for me suspenders

are kind of like shirttail garters you

know I'm not gonna wear them all the

time I can wear them everyday but when I

do want to wear them like especially if

I'm dressing up and going to a wedding

or something I'm really glad that I have

a couple pairs on hand of course I know

some guys who wear them several times a

week you know and they swear by them so

I think either way it's a good idea to

have one or two or three pairs of

suspenders in your arsenal alright guys

if you have any questions about

suspenders let me know down in the

comments definitely check out KK and Jay

big thanks to them again for supporting

my mission in sponsoring this video

until next time stay stylish