How Often Should You Wear Cowboy Boots?

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how often you should wear cowboy boots

there are a couple of differing opinions

when it comes to how often you should be

wearing one pair of cowboy boots a lot

of people think that you should wear

them either two or three days in a row

at most because this helps the boot last

longer and on the boots days off it kind

of dries out from the oils the moisture

the sweat that comes from wearing a pair

of boots all day long or multiple days

in a row now this is a belief that's

held by people who have multiple pairs

though because it helps them keep their

cowboy boots lasting as long as possible

but what if you only have one pair of

cowboy boots does this mean that you

still can only wear your boots two or

three days in a row know if you've been

a subscriber to my channel for a while

you already know that I always talk

about the durability of cowboy boots let

me tell you right now that one pair of

cowboy boots can handle everyday wear

this is my first pair of boots they are

13 years old and several times I've worn

these for months at a time every single

day as a touring musician this is the

only pair of boots that I've taken with

me on tour so that means I've been gone

for months or weeks at a time with only

this pair you can see me wear these

boots while I'm on tour in videos that I

made even before I started making these

cowboy boot videos I've won

every single day on tour and they can

handle it

but every day where comes with extra


it means the boot wears down faster

which just makes sense

so like I've said I've had these boots

resold six times but they're still going

strong after 13 years of use another

thing that you can do to help a

leather-soled cowboy boot lasts a little

bit longer is put a sole saver on here

and either a cobbler or you could do it

yourself if you really wanted to put a

small patch of rubber on here which will

help that outsole lasts a little bit

longer than what it would if that little

rubber patch wasn't there so some cowboy

boot collectors say that you should

alternate the pairs that you wear and

never wear a pair for two or three days

in a row if you are fortunate enough to

have multiple pairs of cowboy boots this

is an option for you but if you don't

have multiple pairs of cowboy boots and

maybe only have one or two pairs then

just know that if you want to wear a

pair of cowboy boots every single day

they can handle it so don't be afraid to

wear your cowboy boots every single day

we need more folks out there wearing

cowboy boots especially up here in these

northern states you know what I'm saying

thank you so much for watching today let

me know how often you wear cowboy boots

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thanks so much peace Web boots every day

every day I don't care what you say what

you say even if the path is the same is

the same

I'll wear boots every day every day hey

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