6 Reasons Why It's Okay to Unfollow/Unfriend Your Facebook Friends | Michelle Booth

hi everyone its Michelle from build a

brilliant life and I'm back with another

video today I'm going to talk about why

it's okay to unfollow and unfriend your

friends on Facebook this is probably not

a very popular opinion but I actually

think it's completely okay to unfollow

and even unfriend some people on

Facebook in fact I actually love it I

love doing it cleanses my life my

facebook feed it always feels so good

when I go through a mini like Facebook

cleanse and why do I think this is so

important well because it's important to

control what you allow into your life

we're absolutely bombarded with millions

of messages and stories every single day

and some certain people or topics can

trigger or activate something negative

inside of you and I think it's important

to protect your mood and your energy and

just the general feeling in your life so

I made this list to help you clean up

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reason number one why I think it's okay

to unfollow slash unfriend people on

Facebook is because they are negative or

mean or annoying or inappropriate or

boring or fake or toxic and you just

generally don't like what they do so

it's okay to unfollow them reason number

two you don't care about what they care


it could be politics recipes

bird-watching video games glassblowing

food eating contests like anything

Facebook will probably tell you when one

of your friends likes or comments on a

topic related to any of the ones I

listed and you just don't care about

seeing that on your Facebook feed and it

probably happens all the time

and you just need to unfollow that

person and it'll really clear up your

Facebook feed reason number three they

are love a llama Facebook drama queens

you know exactly the type of person I'm

talking about you can unfollow them it's

okay reason number four this sounds kind

of mean but it's not meant to be mean

the reason is they just don't do


for your life unfortunately you don't

really care about their life or their

posts or their updates and that happens

and that's okay you don't have to care

about everybody

you aren't inspired or entertained by

anything that they post so it's okay to

just scoot them out you can unfollow

them you can unfriend them life will go


reason number five is that when you see

this certain person's posts it can

activate some jealousy within you and

this jealousy isn't really getting you

anywhere so if you keep seeing these

posts about all this travel or their new

car or something else I don't know what

it would be but something you're jealous

of you can unfollow that person to rid

your life of that negative feeling

reason number six it is uncomfortable

for you to be friends with them this

could be coworkers or a random person

you met at a party

once like six months ago people you used

to date that person you never talk to in

high school but for some reason your

Facebook friends unfriend clear the

clutter and I have a little story to

tell you I decided to delete all my

co-workers as Facebook friends they know

this is not a surprise because I really

needed that separation between like my

work life and my real life I made it

such a big deal in my head to be like

they're gonna be so offended if i

unfriend them on Facebook they actually

might be secretly offended and didn't

tell me I have no idea i unfriended them

I felt more freedom and I was just like

okay I can live my life not that it was

preventing me from living my life but

you know what I mean like mentally it

just felt better to not be friends with

my current co-workers on Facebook so I

deleted them as friends the world went

on I still talked to these people in

real life at work because I work with

them and it's fine so you can do the

same thing in the end you really just

need to ask yourself how do I feel when

I see what this person likes or posts or

comments on it's a good is it how I want

to feel doesn't drain me and does it

lift me and after answering those

questions you can use your power of

choice to change what you need to change

do you agree with these reasons do you

have more reasons of your own you would

like to add to this list type them in

the comments below again it's okay to

unfriend some people it's okay to

unfollow some people even if they're


members even if they're your friends mom

it's okay it's gonna be okay you need to

do what you need to do so that you can

live your life in the way you want to

live your life and I hope you get to

some decluttering of your Facebook feed

I hope you find that soon your Facebook

feed is just beautiful and exactly how

you want it to be and that's the end of

this video I hope you enjoyed it please

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will see you in my next video bye

those weird wave bye reason number

reason number two in the end you really

just need to ask yours in the end you

reason one well look thanks thanks

thanks thanks

bye but I don't think I was sitting

up straight during the whole video I

don't have to say bye okay bye