Want To Quit Your Job? 16 Signs You Need To Leave

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Want To Quit Your Job?

16 Signs You Need To Leave

You may pride yourself in the fact that you're no quitter.

But let's face it: when it comes to work, sometimes you have to be!

You outgrow a job, a better situation comes along, the job isn't what you believed it

to be, or you no longer fit the company culture.

The truth is that there's no real prize for stamina, especially if you become bitter and

burned out by a job you detest.

But how do you know when to quit your job and move on?

Here are 16 signs that indicate it’s time to say goodbye to your job, and look for another.

Number 1 - You Dread Going To Work In The Morning

We all get a case of the Mondays from time to time…

But, when your alarm goes off, and you feel compelled to start sobbing into your pillow,

it’s seriously time to rethink your job.

Dig deep and look at what’s really bothering you:

Is it a specific task you have to accomplish?

Is it the people you work with?

Or are you just bored by the monotony?

Getting specific about your dread will help you figure out what to do – whether it be

discussing new opportunities with your boss, or deciding to leave your job entirely for

opportunities elsewhere.

Don’t keep telling yourself you’re having a bad week - if what you really have is a

job that’s a bad fit.

Number 2 - There’s No Room For Advancement

It’s easy to get stuck in a job - and if you love what you’re doing, getting stuck

can be comfortable.

However, it’s important to remember that every job should enhance your skills, and

add to your value as an employee.

If you’re not learning anything new, and you’re just puttering around doing the same

old thing - while people around you get promotions and preferable assignments - it’s time to

look elsewhere.

Number 3 - You're Bored All The Time

If you're no longer challenged in your position, and have tried communicating with your boss

to no avail, this may be a sign that it's time to leave.

Although boredom is a very standard feeling, researchers believe prolonged feelings of

boredom while at work are a warning sign that you are not doing what you want to be doing,

and are searching for more meaning.

If you're spending most of your workday on the internet shopping or playing games, or

if you're checking the time frequently, these are key indicators.

Number 4 - You Have Absolutely No Interest In The Work You’re Doing

There’s nothing more draining than a job that has nothing to do with your ultimate

goals or personal interests.

Regardless of what you’re being paid, you’ll never fully enjoy your life or reach your

full potential if you’re saddled with so much apathy.

It will eventually spill into other areas of your life and dim those as well.

Number 5 - Your Job Is Too Challenging

While being challenged at work can allow you to hone your skill sets and grow - facing

constant, overly challenging work can wear you down - not to mention, cause stress.

You may not have received the training necessary to complete these challenging job duties,

or perhaps you didn’t realize how rigorous they were.

If that's the case, it may be time to have a discussion with your manager, to figure

out how you can accomplish these tasks without constantly being overwhelmed.

Number 6 - You Worry About Money All The Time

It's true that most of us worry about money from time to time.

But, if this worry is constantly on your mind - and it's not because you're a shopaholic

- then maybe you're not getting paid enough.

If you've been at your current company long enough, request to speak to management about


Make sure your argument as to why you should be paid more is well-prepared and appropriate

for your situation.

Then, ask for an evaluation.

If the company doesn't agree that you deserve pay that's consistent with your workload,

then it might be time to find a company that doesn't make you feel like they're doing you

a favor by paying you.

Number 7 - Even Little Things Feel Overwhelming

The physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion from work can manifest in a number of ways

- and a major sign of job burnout is that you're no longer able to handle even little


Stress at work is inevitable, but every moment shouldn't feel so completely overwhelming

that you just can't deal with it.

If you get upset about every little thing that's happening at work, it may be a sign

it's time to move on.

Number 8 - Nothing You Do Is Ever Enough

Even though you're the first person in the office, the last one out, you're constantly

checking your work email, and you're far exceeding all your colleagues' workload combined - sometimes

you get stuck with a boss that still expects more from you.

If your boss relentlessly pushes for more, no matter what, there's likely no end to the

madness in sight, and it may be time to find another place of employment - where you’ll

be more appreciated.

Number 9 - Your Health Is Suffering

Sometimes, work starts to interfere with your health.

Take it as a serious sign if you find your job mentally, emotionally and physically draining

- and you just can't wait to leave at the end of each day.

You may also have started to miss more work - due to stress-related issues such as migraines,

back pain, or high blood pressure.

Perhaps you notice that you're catching more colds, or feel sick or exhausted frequently.

Number 10 - Your Work-Life Balance Is Out Of Whack

Are you finding it impossible to have a healthy work-life balance with your current job?

If you’re feeling that you’re consistently short-changing family and loved ones, personal

interests, exercise and healthy eating because of your job – it’s a clear signal that

something’s wrong.

Number 11 - You’ve Started Bad-Mouthing Your Boss Or Coworkers

While everyone occasionally complains to their friends or family about work, if you’ve

started to bad-mouth your boss on a regular basis, or can’t stand any of your coworkers,

and talk about them behind their backs, it’s probably time to move on.

This kind of behavior indicates a deep resentment for your work environment, and it’s only

going to get worse.

Stop bad-mouthing them right away, and instead put that energy toward your new job search.

Number 12 - You Can No Longer Support Your Company’s Ethics Or Mission

Now that you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes intricacies of your organization, maybe you’ve

realized that the way they do business does not align with your morals.

You like the paycheck, but feel a little gross accepting money from an employer that is not


If this is how you feel, get out now.

Find a place that you can stand behind, 100 percent.

Your work will be more meaningful to you, and you won’t have to feel guilty about

associating your name with a shady business.

Number 13 - The Daily Commute Is Your Only Social Life

Commuting to work is no fun - that’s for sure.

But is it impacting your life?

If talking to a stranger on the bus or train each morning is your only social life, you

may want to rethink your priorities.

The truth of the matter is that getting to and from your workplace can eat into your

free time, meaning that you have hardly any time to unwind and relax.

Perhaps it’s time to start looking for employment that is a little closer to home or, even better,

something that can be done remotely.

Number 14 - There’s Obvious Instability

This might not be a reason to quit ‘in and of itself’, so much as it is a reason to

keep your options open.

Instability is often an opportunity for promotion.

But don’t be fooled, these can be empty promotions as they are often granted due to


If your company is regularly laying off employees, it’s clearly in a downward spiral that will

eventually catch you in its windfall.

So either consider quitting your job now, or have an exit plan in place for when the

inevitable happens.

Number 15 - Your Side Hustle Is Taking Off

By having a side hustle, you are exploring another avenue - and by doing so, you have

an opportunity to stumble upon something that could turn out to be very lucrative.

If your side hustle is pulling in decent money; Or more importantly, the time spent working

is far more enjoyable than the hours you spend at your full-time gig working for someone

else - it’s probably time to quit your job, and pursue that side hustle full on!

Number 16 - Your Gut Is Telling You It’s Time To Go

Sometimes, it’s not about company stability, professional goals, or work culture - but

about something else that is more intangible: the feeling that where you are, is not where

you’re meant to be.

It often takes us years, sometimes even decades, before we get clarity about what we were truly

meant to do.

But once that feeling hits, you can’t ignore it.

Your gut is more than just a feeling - it’s often the reaction to an emotional response.

So, when this happens, take some time to pay attention to what’s going on inside your


If your gut is telling you it’s time to go, you should probably listen.

You know what’s scarier than leaving your job?


You spend so much of your life at work.

Why not make sure you’re getting the best experience possible out of your job!?

Obviously, don't quit if a couple of these issues occur for a short period of time, but

if they continue for months on end, it may be time to walk.

However, if you do decide to leave, be smart about it.

Don’t burn bridges by venting about all the reasons you’re leaving.

That accomplishes nothing, and could even haunt you later.

Instead, simply explain that you’re leaving to pursue another opportunity, and then do

so graciously.

Is it time to leave your job?

What signs would you add to this list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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