Leaving Your Baby Overnight for the First Time: How Soon is Too Soon?


hello welcome to bourbon and a baby my

name is J and this here is max say hi

max alright what I wanted to talk about

in this video is when you leave your

baby overnight for the first time for us

that came probably a little bit sooner

than we normally would have one of the

leave him overnight but it was because

of a special occasion so max is about

three and a half months old

what I want you guys to do is in the

comments below let me know when was the

first time how old was your baby the

first time that you left your him or her

overnight with somebody else while you

went and did something because I'm a

little curious three and a half months

seemed a little soon but at the same

time it worked so I want to just kind of

go through that today and before we get

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that out so as I said max is three and a

half months old and we sent him for his

first overnight stay without us and it

wasn't just for the night we dropped him

off at around 8 o'clock on Saturday

morning dropped him off with my sister's

house and we did not get him back until

Sunday afternoon sometime around 3:30

4:00 p.m. so it was kind of like a full

day and a half that we were without max

here which was kind of a shock to both

my wife and I because neither of us

obviously spent that much time away from

him yet so is that too soon what do you

guys think let me know so the reason

that we left max overnight is because we

were invited by my brother-in-law to go

away for the weekend

on the trip to celebrate his

girlfriend's a milestone birthday for

her and he let us know that he also

planned to propose to her on that trip

so my wife and I felt that you know

first of all we wanted to be killed but

we also felt that it was important for

us to be there and then we kind of had

that debate is can we leave it as if to

say this three and a half months to seem

to leave them overnight maybe just one

of us should go obviously her in that

situation but ultimately you know we

decided we were able to get my sister to

she was happy to watch it overnight and

also my mom so I can Sunday morning cuz

my sister had some stuff going on so

between the two of them we knew that he

was covered so ultimately we decided

we're gonna go you know we could use it

be a nice little break we could use the

time away but we were nervous about it

we knew that he was gonna be in good

hands but again that first time leaving

your baby it's a little nerve-wracking

so we were we were a little nervous

about it for sure on top of just the

whole nervousness about you know being

away from him for so long especially

where we were going we were going to we

live in Northwest Ohio and we were going

to Hocking Hills Ohio which is kind of

towards the southeastern side of the

state a good solid three-hour drive for

us so obviously it's nerve-racking not

only being away from him for that long

but being that far away if something

were to happen that's a three hour drive

we can't be there instantly right but on

top of that one of the reasons that it

was kind of hard to

leave in with with somebody else for

that long of a time even though there's

only a day and a half is the amount of

stuff that this little guy right here

needed before that short amount of time

the amount of stuff that we had to pack

for him was ridiculous you would never

believe the amount of stuff that such a

little thing think needs for just a day

and a half

check it out car seat base car seat

diaper bag and everything that goes in

it his rocker chair plenty of diapers

and wipes food and bottles onesies

outfit sleepers some burp cloths his

sleep sack that he sleeps so well in his

stroller papi

oh yeah and max2

so we packed all that stuff up we on top

of all the stuff that we had to pack to

take on a trip for ourselves

and we had a car load so we dropped him

off at my sister's almost like I said 8

o'clock on Saturday morning and then we

drove to Hocking Hills we get there

around 11:30 yourself and we really

started missing him instantly

we did ultimately have a really good

time we went ziplining

my brother-in-law proposed to his

girlfriend after one of the zips which

was really cool the the hiking hills

canopy tour did a great job of helping

to facilitate that whole thing it was a

really cool experience

so we're both really glad that we were

there we we both had a great time but we

both planned afterwards after the

ziplining trip because we were gonna go

back to the back to the cabinet that we

were running and we both planned on

knocking a couple back I took I took a

bottle of bourbon with me we had some

other drinks and we both day to do some

drinking but neither of us really was

able to let loose as much as we thought

we would have and I don't know why that

is I think we were just both kind of

thinking about max this whole the whole

time you know we knew like I said we

knew he was in good hands but it was

just weird it was weird being away from

him one of the other weird things that

happened was Wow like I said we we went

ziplining and this was the second time

for me going ziplining so something I've

done before I'm going skydiving I like

to do adventurous things I do normally

get nervous before doing stuff like that

I'm not I'm not gonna lie but when we

started this ziplining I was absolutely

terrified the amount of fear I had was

was greater than any that I had

experienced before I've done

anything like that before and I think

part of it is because I have a baby now

you feel that extra responsibility

I think we did 11 total zips on along

that zipline tour and it wasn't until

after about the fifth or sixth all the

time that we went that zip that I wet

across that I finally stopped having

that fear at one point I honestly

considered leaking into just stopping me

seeing if I could just you know raise

raise the white flag and an end and the

ziplining but we you know we were on

these platforms and there's really no

way down other than zip for most of them

so I sucked it up and out like I said

after about that fifth time I finally

did start having fun on the actual zips

because you know that feeder kind of

subsided a little bit and it was just

such a weird experience because that's

not something I was really used to and I

think it's because of this guy this guy

here all right so again let me know when

was the first time you left your baby

overnight how old how old was your baby

what was that experience like for you

were you terrified or were you just like

oh this is great this is a nice break

let me know those comments below don't

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