Quick Tip: The Do's & Don'ts of Ammo Storage


hi Stephen Caleb with Brownells here and

today we're going to look at some of the

hows and whys of proper ammunition

storage now we know you've gone out

there and bought a bunch of ammo it's

just that's what's happening these days

so what do you want to do and what don't

you want to do tell me what you don't

want to do first what you don't want to

do is just take the boxes stick them on

your shelf in the basement attic

wherever on the floor really not on the

floor don't put them on the floor and uh

just proper storage is gonna save the

ammo right so right now if you're not

storing it properly you basically just

wasted all the money what happened to

this one that is a an example of a five

five six realm not stored properly okay

a little moisture on under something a

little bit of moisture it was stored in

the in the factory box it didn't come in

direct contact with any moisture but

just some the box itself the cardboard

absorbed a little moist cardboard sucks

in moisture exactly warm humid days

that's the results of a few years of

storage so the idea is to keep things

cool and to keep things dry exactly now

this round will probably fire because

it's a military-type round it's well

sealed and everything it just looks like

garbage and you're gonna have a failure

to extract your feet or something down

the road if you fire enough of these

with gunk on them becomes rubbing wrong

so proper storage is essential for good

reliability so that being said we've got

a couple of ammo cans here it's as

simple as dropping your rounds into an

ammo can as you'll demonstrate as I will

so it doesn't necessarily have to be an

ammo can any standard airtight container

it worked it's fine so a Tupperware

would we'll find anything that seals up

like that if you could keep food in it

fresh it'll keep your ammo fresh yep and

you can just put the standard factory

box in there or if you know me I'd like

to just load my magazines and store my

magazines in the box

that's once you get it in an airtight

container the thing to do is put it

somewhere where it's climate-controlled

where it doesn't get real hot and real


you don't want up and down spikes

especially up spikes the powder used to

load ammunition and the primer compound

is a chemical compound that's that

degrades over time if accelerated by

heat so you're better off leaving it at

room temperature as close as you can

keep it for as long as you can keep it

that way

yep and you can even throw some silica

gel in there as well yeah if you got

some of those packs laying around that

came packed with your stereo gear or

tools or whatever when you got them

shipped just pop those in the oven for a

little bit on warm dry them all the way

out and then pop them in there and

they'll absorb any moisture that got

trapped when you sealed that thing up

the other thing is don't go opening it

up and closing it once a day on copying

with days yeah so basically just it's

now it's ready to just set it and forget

it you're good to go right and for you

real odors the same thing goes for your

primers put your primers on them yeah

that way you don't have to worry about

them because they are vulnerable to

moisture much more so than loaded

ammunition here we're just really

worried about corrosion or something but

enough moisture can actually make your

primers perform poorly or not at all

yeah and I know it's simple but it's a

very common mistake so if you have any

questions about its ammunition storage

or of course any other gun related

questions what's the liver for free to

give a skull in the tech line we'll be

happy to help you yep thanks for joining

us we'll see you next time and keep your

powder dry