When Is It Okay To FIGHT?

so I've gotten two emails this week from

guys in high school young guys who want

to know when it's okay to fight

apparently specifically with one of

these guys there's a kid at school

that's kind of been egging him on

provoking him and making threats hasn't

done anything physical yet but the

threat of attack is there now for full

disclosure I fought many times in the

past I was a high school kid just like

you in college getting in bar fights

through my experience and wisdom who I

am today

I will share with you my strongest

sentiment and that is your best bet is

not to fight I don't say that like a

corny adults I say that from a place of

sincere experience and and and love

honestly you know because I don't want

to see anything happen to you and fights

are getting weirder and weirder as the

generations go on you know kids carry

razors they carry guns here is what the

big again this is just not corny adult

[ __ ] I'm 33 so I'm I'm getting corny I'm

getting old but the fact is that the

bigger man the stronger man the man with

the more the most courage is going to be

the one that steps up and instead of

attacking preemptively begins preemptive

preemptive peace talks and see the thing

with fighting is that it's mostly done

in a hysterical state you know you're

attacked you don't [ __ ] him thank you

just go crazy and you want to start

fighting throwing arms or you know it's

all emotionally driven there's no

grounding there's no pragmatism it's all

emotion and said react emotionally or

even to to attack emotionally is weak

plain and simple you've lost your head

you've lost your grounding and your

manhood is based in your grounding right

it's down here down below you're up here

you're all fired up you know you're up

here and you've lost your balls when you

stop breathing deep you'll know this

right away he comes around and your

breathing becomes shallow your shoulders

tense all your energy moves up now

you're moving from a place of hysteria

emotion you're not a man at that point

your balls have been severed from your

character what you've got to do is this

when you are in the vicinity or

approaching him take a deep breath

several deep breaths if you can lower

your voice the lower you could look you

can bring your voice down the more of

your grounding you're gonna access the

more manly and in control you will be

more you're up here and you're wild and

you're thinking oh what's up what's up

you're a [ __ ] high-pitched voice a lot

of energy get down get down here down to

your belly down into your balls proach

him and look him in the eye he's gonna

freak the [ __ ] out because nobody

expects this and extend your hand the

next thing you say is very important and

this is gonna be the toughest thing for

you extend your hand and apologize you

tell him that you're still sorry I'm


that's gonna be your words your very

first words I know you're thinking

Elliott what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] it's

not me it's him listen you're being the

[ __ ] man right now stand your head

and say listen I want to apologize in

the past you and I have not seen eye to

eye but I want to put an end to it right

now can we do that

with your deep grounded voice look him

in the eye and wait he's nothing to know

what the [ __ ] to do okay if he extends

his hand and shakes you guys shake

embrace him that's it it's [ __ ] over

because men are like that

it's [ __ ] over it's done never to

mention again women they might bag back

and stuff like talk about each other

behind each other's back even though

after they shook hands not men squash it

you squash it if he reacts hysterically

moves up and you'll know this because

you can get real active on top his

breathing will get short if he hits you

you [ __ ] hit him back no question

about it if he hits you after you extend

your hand you hit him back okay

so I've given you two scenarios one he

extends his hand when he hits you you

hit him back there's that's just the

fence the third scenario is he turns his

back on you [ __ ] move on his part what

you've got to do next is very important

go and tell as many people as you can

what happened

explain go to your teachers but of your

parents go to your friends but everyone

listen I went to this guy extended my

hand in peace and it refused here's

what's going to happen next if he comes

at me I'm going to hit him I'm going to

hit him if he comes at so you're

basically you're setting yourself up for

a win because you're letting everyone

know that you preemptively created peace

talks and if he attacks you you're going

to attack him back let the principal

know listen I don't want to fight okay

but I've extended my hand and he made it

known at that point that he's not

interested in peace I'll keep my

distance but if he comes at me I'm going

to tear him apart

okay this is your best case scenario

dude this is the best thing that you can

do being a kid in high school being a

kid in college and a college is a

different story because you start

drinking and all the fighting is beer

goggle beer muscle drinking it's all

stupid high school you know you're

fighting for your position I get that

you will be a bigger man if you use the

scenario I just shared with you share it

with your friends share this video with

your friends all right good luck do the

right thing Elliot said what