Jealous of someone? Watch this

envy is one of the most toxic emotions

that you can feel and I know this better

than most because I used to be so

envious of people when I was younger I

was I mean I could find any reason to be

envious and envy is different than

jealousy because envy is when you not

only want what the other person has but

there's a part of you that feels like

they don't deserve it

that when you see a friend getting ahead

or making more money or they've got a

new handbag or they've got a better car

or a bigger house or they're going on a

fancy trip that you start to feel this

toxic emotion called envy and I'm

telling you that if you're somebody who

struggles because you feel envious of

other people in your life you have got

to get a hold on this because it will

corrode you and the reason why envy is

so toxic is because of the edge to it

I've made a lot of videos about the

power of jealousy not jealousy in a

relationship but jealousy of looking

around and seeing people that are out

there doing things that you're jealous

of and using jealousy as a signal to

pull you forward envy corrodes you envy

makes you stuck and the reason why Envy

is so dangerous is because there's an

undercurrent to it that none of us

talked about and this is what it is when

you're envious of somebody else deep in

your heart you have a belief that

because that person got that handbag or

they got that promotion or they got to

go on that trip that somehow their

success their good fortune it's robbing

you of yours that there's only so much

happiness there's only so much money so

many trips in the world to go around and

if you see somebody that's doing

something that you want they just took

it away from you so this is why Envy

becomes so dangerous to you because if

you live your life believing there's

only so much in the world to go around

you are living

your life in conflict with the

fundamental laws of the way that the

world works when you think about

abundance when you think about

possibility when you think about dreams

and success those are infinite abundance

means that it is there for the taking

for everybody that there's no limit to

the amount of happiness or kitchen

renovations or designer jeans or

promotions that can go around and when

you allow yourself to live in a state

where you're envious of other people you

are living your life believing that

there's only so much happiness and

somebody else getting to be happy

somebody else getting to get engaged

somebody else getting to launch that

business somehow robs you of yours

because there's not enough to go around

you have got to change it you have got

to first and fundamentally believe that

there is success happiness money riches

possibility for everybody there's enough

for everybody that nobody's in

competition with you and that in fact

when you see somebody that has something

that you desire you should be happy you

want to know why you should be happy

because it's a sign that it's possible

it's a sign that it's coming to you it's

a sign that you're on your way if you

allow Envy to creep in you have now

aligned your life with the belief that

there's not enough to go around

you need to stop that right now so

bottom line Envy knock it off it will

never help you get what you want in fact

it's gonna keep you stuck in miserable

so do the work to catch yourself when

you're feeling envious and remind

yourself that if you want abundance in

your life you better start believing

that there's enough for everybody to go

around and you better start learning how

to be happy for other people