Pregnancy Myth Buster

this is the labor and delivery unit at

UC San Diego Medical Center in about two

months I will actually be delivering my

second baby here

although baby number two I still have

some questions and concerns at the

beginning of this pregnancy which got me

thinking there are so many do's and

don'ts while you're pregnant

what's a mother-to-be to do today we are

going to hear some of your questions and

find out from dr. Miriam Parsa if some

of those do's and don'ts are valid or

just pregnancy myths

if you eat peanut butter when you're

pregnant will it increase your chances

of your child developing a peanut

allergy then newer they suggest that

actually if you consume peanuts that it

might actually decrease the chance of

peanut allergy for that particular

pregnancy and the same goes with milk if

you consume milk during pregnancy

there's possibility that you could

decrease the incidence of asthma

childhood asthma but it's a complex

question I think allergies are complex

to begin with and they're more studies

needed and you can't based on just one

paper or accumulation of a few studies

make that conclusion

can you drink caffeine when pregnant and

if so how much is recommended but

majority of the recommendations are

based on the fact that if you consume

caffeine in small to moderate amount if

you think of a six to eight ounce cup of

coffee containing about a hundred

milligrams of caffeine and you have a

cup a day or so that most likely it's

not going to affect your pregnancies so

the American College of obstetrics and

gynecology actually recommends consuming

less than 200 milligrams which is you

can consume up to two cups of coffee per

say six to eight ounces now one thing

about caffeine that it's a little bit

confusing is that not the same cup of

coffee same amount of coffee has the

exact same milligrams of caffeine so

there are different types of coffee for

example if you have a shot of espresso

it could have 200 to 250 milligrams so

really depending on what the grind is

what the brand is what the type is there

are variations but I think taking all

that into account most likely a small

cup of coffee or a couple of chocolates

here and there are gonna be okay

can you dye your hair while you're

pregnant the recommendations

historically have been yes most likely

as a matter of fact ODIs the

organization of teratology has

historically said that it probably is

okay to dye your hair when you're

pregnant and there are no associated

defects that have necessarily been

linked to dyeing your hair in pregnancy

I did it myself and I think

unless it's significant number data

that's available that says not to I

don't see how it could harm the

pregnancy so is it okay to eat hot dogs

cheese and deli meat when you're

pregnant and does it really help to heat

up the meat before you eat it eating

habits obviously affect the pregnancy

tremendously and one thing about eating

prepared food or ready-to-eat meals is

that you ought to know what's in it so

for example ready to eat meat chicken

fish hot dogs obviously can put the

pregnancy a danger

what generally we are concerned about is

something called Listeria and it's a

bacteria that can grow in prepared meat

and chicken and fish so number one once

you buy it making sure make sure that

it's been refrigerated properly and if

you once you bring it home make sure you

check your own refrigerator to prevent

potential overgrowth of certain bacteria

that could harm you during pregnancy

specifically at Listeria so your

refrigerator should be at 40 degree

Fahrenheit for refrigeration and zero

Degree for freezing so refrigeration and

freezing is very important every now and

then you gotta clean your refrigerator

using a soapy hand towel things like

that to get rid of the stuff that it's

in the refrigerator is also very very

important number two is when you're

ready to eat such products and make sure

you heat them and heating is usually if

you could see it steaming so generally

if you're eating deli meats hot dogs

make sure that you're heating them to

the steam point so that you're actually

cooking it to get rid of Listeria

because obviously the stereo can live

even in refrigerated meat the other

question was about cheese and the issue

with cheese and Listeria usually comes

with unpasteurized product so stay away

from soft cheeses and that are made from

unpasteurized milk which increases

potential in the risk oh at risk of

Listeria is it a myth that how you carry

your baby or the heart rate determines

the gender of the baby now that's a

complete myth because you carry your

baby according to your

nice structure according to your muscle

structure and how how much support you

have what a number of pregnancy that is

and what is your body structure so I

think that's a math I don't I don't

believe that caring is the baby a

certain way necessarily tell someone if

you're having a boy or a girl

so moms usually asking the first

trimester can you tell me if it's a boy

or a girl for example at six or seven

weeks as to heart rate 180 versus

hundred and sixty beats per minute can

you tell one thing is that actually at

the beginning of the pregnancy heart

rate is very high as the pregnancy

progresses the hard way becomes slower

and slower there is some data to suggest

that maybe maybe girls have a little bit

of a faster heartbeat in the second

trimester but to some degree again I I

think that's a myth too

so I'm relieved to hear that the cup of

coffee I've been having a few times a

week is okay because it has really been

needed for more information on pregnancy

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