Fall Decorating (decorate w/me)


hey guys welcome back to my channel so

it is that time of the year

time to start with the fall and autumn

videos so I'm very excited to start with

my first one which is decorating the


there are a few spots that I always

decorate every fall and one of those is

our fireplace mantel so I pray have it

pretty bare in the summer months just a

few candles and our little chicken our

little chicken there but I'm gonna move

things around a little bit I'm gonna add

a wreath like I said the fireplace

mantel is usually pretty bare during the

summer months sometimes I'll have an

herbal wreath that I'll put up and keep

it really simple but since we're not

using the fireplace I usually keep it

pretty minimal and then wreaths and

decorations come out during the fall and

winter months and I like to put one up

for Christmas as well so I got this

wreath 40 percent off at Hobby Lobby and

a few other decorations I'm adding some

of the pumpkins that we grew and that we

harvested and every year I do it

completely different I kind of change up

my theme every year if you will and

judge it and make it look however i

think is pretty sometimes if it's too

cluttered i'll remove things or add or i

just kind of change it up depending on

what I think looks good in the moment so

I'm adding a few of the rustic pumpkins

I have a collection I had one fall box

and then I bought a few things in the

40% off sale at Hobby Lobby to add so

I'll start a second fall box but I'm

trying to keep it minimal so I don't

overdo it on the decorations I make sure

to use what I do have and then I love

those kind of loose fake leaves you can

find them at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

just to add as like filler and when

there's a lot of different things going

on I try to keep candles in a really

safe spot obviously or use fake candles

just so that I don't start a fire

Trader Joe's has some really fun fall

goodies I have several in this video and

I'm gonna share with you a few of my

favorites one is their cinnamon broom

which absolutely smells amazing and it's

made completely from natural ingredients

so I go ahead and I put that into a

container of Oz of some type and then I

usually have a pumpkin and that's on the

side of my fireplace next I'm moving

into the guest bathroom this is the

bathroom right next to my kitchen so the

majority of guests use this one I'm

using the Honey Crisp apple diffuser

that was also a fall favorite from

Trader Joe's I'm gonna put that above

the toilet with a little pumpkin as well

and then some fall themed magazines I

usually like to light a candle on my

sconce which is on the wall and then I

have another little stacked pumpkin

decor that I'm gonna put there and then

of course another fall favorite from

Trader Joe's which is their apple cider

hand wash


moving into the dining room I'm gonna

decorate the dining room table I got

some flowers again from Trader Joe's and

I promise this video is not sponsored by

Trader Joe's but I do love that store

and that is where I grocery shop and

they have the most beautiful yellow and

kind of light red or pink roses and they

have them every single fall last fall I

did an epic centerpiece and I really

really loved I think it was probably one

of my favorite tablescapes I've ever

done it's on my channel this year I'm

kind of doing a similar but I'm doing

two separate centerpieces because I have

these glass vases that I got from Hobby

Lobby also 40% off I don't have flowers

the entire season on my dining room

table but I usually like to choose a

time when I know I'm gonna have friends

or family over or if you're having a

dinner maybe like a harvest party or

maybe even for Thanksgiving I mean

there's so many different times in which

you can do it

Trader Joe's has pretty affordable

flowers but I definitely don't have them

on the table the entire season but these

are just a few ideas for even if you're

having a fall wedding which I think fall

weddings are absolutely stunning but you

can do really affordable centerpieces so

I think I did six roses in each foz and

then also the filler and I kind of

eyeball it as always just to kind of go

based on my own eye and what I think

looks pretty and I usually trim them and

try to make sure they're all the same

height and I usually remove the leaves

and try to get it as clean as possible


last year in one of my fall DIY videos I

shared a tip about collecting pinecones

and adding some cinnamon essential oil

on them and then also you can add

cinnamon sticks also maybe some pumpkin

decor and fake leaves and they make a

really pretty centerpiece so I'm gonna

actually go ahead and put this in the

center you can paint pinecones as well

to have different colors just to give it

a little bit of variety and then on

either side of that I'm gonna put the

flowers and then I love these birch

candles I have fake ones and I have real

ones as well and I bring those out

throughout the year because they work

during Christmas time they work pretty

much you can use them in the summer

they're great and I use them year after

year the fake ones are really nice too

because I keep those closer to the

flowers to prevent any type of fire

hazard I'm putting our white pumpkins

that we had in the yard that we

harvested I'm gonna go ahead and put

those on the table as well and then I'll

probably cook those up you can cook them

just like you'd cook squash so maybe in

a few days I'm gonna put some of the

fake leaves down so this is obviously a

very large table scape you can always

scale down if you have a small table my

table is pretty big so if I'm gonna have

a buffet style type get-together usually

we will move stuff like this if

everybody's gonna be sitting around the

table because you want to see each other

and converse and but this is also just

nice to have on the table during the

fall months just as decoration since my

table is pretty large I ended up adding

some additional items and these are

these kind of rustic pumpkins I got from

Hobby Lobby last year and so this is

quite an extravagant table scape and I

think last year's was as well but I

always enjoy doing extravagant table

escapes also I picked up a few things

for the boys to play with while I was

decorating these are fun because you

could just peel them off and stick them

on to the window so I gave all over that

job while I continued to decorate


this is in front of our window we have

the coffee bar to the right and then our

dishes are underneath and I just put

welcome to our home and a candle so just

a little something there to add some is

usually pretty bare there unless I have

flowers and then moving on to the front

porch which is one of my favorites I

always have seasonal flowers I like to

get those from Lowe's they last really

well if you are consistent with watering

them and then I'm gonna put a sign I

don't have too many signs but I've had

this sign that says pumpkins corn maize

and hayrides which i think is really

funny I went ahead and put that in there

and then a few pumpkins again similar to

this I'll usually leave the pumpkins out

and then I'll use them for seeds or cook

them up my door is so dirty right now

and I also got a new match at the 40%

off sale that says thankful so I went

ahead and put that down and then I

cleaned off my door because we live on a

dirt road and it's dirty all the time

there's always dust and mud and dirt

everywhere so I try to keep it as clean

as possible but I thought that these

pumpkins I love the real funky looking

pumpkins and then I have my fake birch

candle that I mentioned and then this is

also really great these lanterns because

I got those at Target and you can use

those during Christmas time as well so I

use those through throughout the entire

year this is a really pretty wreath I

got from Trader Joe's it was just a few

dollars and it's actually real leaves so

this one's really pretty as well so I

kept it really simple for the front

porch I did a terrible job painting my

front door so I apologize I've actually

been meaning to fix that but I haven't

done it yet so yeah so the front porch

was pretty simple but I did want to make

sure I decorated it this year and then

for my master bathroom this is kind of

segwaying into upcoming videos I usually

have lavender and I kind of switch that

up during the fall season on my bath

tray and then I have my lush fall themed

bath bombs and then a few of the more

soft plush pumpkins so I usually always

decorate that as well so that was it for

my first round of decorating I may add a

few bits and pieces here and there and I

will definitely do more fall videos but

this was the first one and I hope you

enjoyed it and

have you decorated for fall yet I gotta

say it was pretty hot so I was kind of

holding off to see if I could get cooler

weather to make the video even more cozy

maybe I could turn on my fireplace but I

did want to decorate before the

beginning of October so I hope you guys

enjoyed this video and I'll see you in

the next one bye