When is it ok to Decorate for Christmas? -- Back Porch Bickerin'

What is all this? Oh, you mean this.

Merry Christmas! It's November, It's not even Christmas yet. It's always


My name is Matt and I believe that Christmas decorations can go

up whenever you want them to. I'm Calli and Christmas starts after Thanksgiving.

I believe that our holidays can coexist. You can have your Christmas tree up and

hand out Halloween candy. There's no law against that. There's a lot of dumb laws

in America but as of right now, there's no law forbidding you from handing out

M&Ms to children and go back in there and then stare at your beautiful

Christmas tree.

Christmas is very special it's one of the most special time of year. And

it's in its little Christmas bubble, but you know it's also special, Thanksgiving.

Showing thanks, showing gratitude. Halloween, eating a lot of candy, July 4th,

Valentine's Day, New Year's; every holiday is special. Celebrate every holiday.

I think if you're celebrating Christmas at the same time as Halloween, sometimes

Thanksgiving you're not really doing any of them justice.

Everything should get its own time in place. What do you mean celebrating at

the same time? I'm not like going caroling while trick-or-treating. So

you know once Halloween hits I'm gonna start playing the music way too early.

I've already been listening for weeks now. Forget Thanksgiving. I'm gonna carve a Jack-o-lantern and listen

to, you know, Christmas music. That's wrong. Sounds fun, actually. Real or fake?

What? Real or fake, Matt? They're real. Your tree. My tree (laughing). My tree is fake. I knew it! Someone in my

house allergies. I knew it! But, it but I can't . . . Okay, there was a scientific study that was

just recently published, that said that people who decorate for Christmas

earlier than Thanksgiving are happier people. So when do you put your

decorations up? I believe it was September of 1998, and they've just been

up ever since. Are you really one of those? Real talk? Yeah, real talk. My wife is a firm

believer in Christmas decorations gonna go up until the day after Thanksgiving.

And so. Huh, smart woman. I can't believe she married you. Happy wife, happy life. So I don't touch

the Christmas decorations until then. I have a gift for you. Oh my goodness. Cause it's Christmas. Thank you. I'll go home and

put this under my tree. No, no, no, open it, open it now. So this is a very special Bell. Do

you hear it? Give it a little jingle. This is a trick. Give a little jingle. Oh yeah, you

hear that? Only people that have the Christmas spirit can hear that bell. Do

you hear that bell? Yeah I hear it. Wow it's really beautiful. Yeah? I hear it loud and clear.

Actually if you could not rattle it so hard, it's kind of it's deafening almost.

Christmas is a spirit. Christmas is something, it's the spirit of giving,

friendship and family, of love . . . and that, that is with me all 15 months of the

year. I think every holiday special and I like Christmas too much

to dilute it and waste like blend it with other holidays. Why would I do that?

Can I have a moment to rant here? Can I have a moment to speak on the porch? Isn't this what this is all about?

Idon't get, I don't get a chance to talk much. When you're people walk into Walmart and

see Christmas decorations up in October, you flip out. Why does that bother you so

much? It is if like that's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a Walmart.

I see somebody without pants in a Walmart almost every time I walk in

there. They're crazier things to see in Walmart than Christmas decorations. I

think no pants makes more sense than a Christmas tree next to a Jack-O-Lantern. Know what?

You know what? Christmas isn't, isn't decorations. It's not a tree, it's not the

eggnog, it's not the Christmas tree cakes. It's the spirit. And it is always in here,

even in the middle of July. I agree with that. You agree with that? Yeah, it's always in here but you manifest it, in

its proper time and place. Are you feeling more Christmassy? I feel the appropriate

level for Christmas given that . . More Christmassy than you did the few minutes

ago? No. I think you are, check your bell again, check your bell again. Do you hear it?

I think I'll hear this bell after Thanksgiving. I know you hear it, I know you hear it and I'm

not just playing a trick on you with another bell in my hand. I don't hear a thing. You do.