Relationship Advice : How to Date After the Death of a Spouse

hi this is Amy Brinkman from it's just

lunch matchmaker in San Francisco and

I'm here today to talk about how to date

after the death of your spouse of course

this is a sensitive topic and first and

foremost you're going to want to keep to

your own timeline you'll know when

you're ready don't let others persuade

you do what you feel you need to do for

yourself when you do go on that first

date remember it's going to feel awkward

it's completely natural don't feel that

just because you have these awkward

feelings that you shouldn't be there

it's a natural feeling also know that on

your first date it's okay to mention

your spouse but what you don't want to

do is you don't want to make your date

feel like they're your therapist you

only want to you know casually mention

it this is the time for you to open your

heart and open your mind it's the time

for you to look towards the future

I'm Amy Brinkman offering you some

advice on how to date after the death of

your spouse