It's Okay To Cry



I want you to know that it is okay for

you to cry

I want you to know that crying doesn't

mean that you're weak


it actually means that you've been

strong for so long

carrying what sometimes can feel like

the weight of the world on your

shoulders now wants you to know that it

is okay

it is safe for you to let go

if you look at a river what does it

it just simply flows

and just like that you can allow

yourself to cry


become that River

let your tears wash away all of the

heaviness the burdens

the pain

and let it cleanse you

why would tears be something bad when

the element of water is what washes us


why would your tears be a bad thing when

they're made out of the same stuff just

like the oceans of this planet


and I know most of you love beaches and

let me tell you your tears are just as


you don't have to keep filling the glass

until it overflows


you don't have to keep your tears until

one day it's tsunami breaks down from

your eyes

you can allow yourself to just gently

let go of what's bothering you

to allow yourself to feel everything


the bad

the ugly

is one of the bravest things you can do

so when you're ready

I hope you find the courage and the

strength to simply let go and let the

tears flow and wash you clean