WHEN IS IT OKAY TO CHEAT? | Public Interview

have you ever got [ __ ] on before yeah


how long though


alright man today we got a different

video and I'm saying we asked some

people you know holiday we got we asking

people is when is it okay to cheat you

know I'm saying I think it's never okay

to cheat but you know you you know you

might have to come I had to see that but

you know they gonna 5k subscribers I'm

saying stay tuned alright today I'm here

with Jason Dante alright I'm here with

Tyler alright question for today is when

is it okay to cheat oh sure alright so

when it's okay to cheat why you said it

because why would you cheat on somebody

you love [ __ ] we don't know at a time

it doesn't make it right why you alright

doesn't make it right yes

it's not really okay to cheat mom you go

honey with you

special occasion oh gee I think it's

okay to cheat on your birthday you just

tell your girl like after your birthday

it's [ __ ] on your birthday have you

ever got cheated on before yeah dad

how long ago like two three years ago

how is he feeling like yes it's alright

today I'm here with diver living tears

alright I'm here with mana

alright so the question today is what is

it okay to cheat never for me whatever

because like lashes you cheat on your

girlfriend or your boyfriend that's just


all right so on when is it okay to cheat

when they plan you and you know you can

play so I'm gonna play back what about

you it's never okay to cheat just leave

what do you mean while he [ __ ] on

another person attention that's you have

you ever got cheated on before and why I

don't know I mean I don't call it


all right straight from the heart it's

straight from the heart what about you

dizzy a you just I said when it's okay

to cheat all right Stan merrily

sorry way way I'm on mom I'm here with

Bryan it's on the up there Eddie mine I

all right fellas we got one question

today one is okay to cheat I don't think

it's ever okay to cheat I think that you

need to be able to communicate with your

partner if you feel like there's

something lacking in relationship and if

you feel like you want something else

you need to be okay with like cutting

things off and being a good person I

think you need to respect the other

person enough to not cheat on them I

never been cheated on yeah I have

what are you heartbroken um I wasn't

surprised so I wasn't heartbroken but I

just felt like I deserved more respect

you know yeah I mean if she's seeing it

that's that you cheat back oh sorry

chairman of you a need filling that bit

right now I'm prettier than that [ __ ]

but you can see it on if you want right

yeah you still with young if you under

18 you can see whenever you want you

still singing to me

I'll send it to my girl alright see ya

it's okay to cheat when is it okay

it's never okay if you love somebody you

then know my stomach same as yours

if you really love somebody then there

should never be an acceptable like

there's no acceptable circumstance as to

why you should be cheating period

that [ __ ] was straight from the heart

all right today I'm here with my name is

bit spicy zones cuz I can

Mike hard I'm here with Eddie MCD Quan

these stuffs wavy in the building

alright question today is when is it

okay to cheat truth be told it's always

okay to cheat you never let a girlfriend

stop you from finding a wife

I [ __ ] with their [ __ ] that Rogaine

eg what she's playing around with you

like doing the most it's never okay to t

talk about it

I wasn't ever okay to cheat because I

supposed to be you're like yo your wife

was a respecter see what you expect

woman oh I feel you see here low dose

license issue I my love I was too young

to be in love way too young way too

young right all right we got one

question today when is it okay to cheat

are you go first

it's okay to cheat when

like she cheating you know I'm saying so

then that's you you ever been cheated on


and how you feel you like I mean I feel

[ __ ] I went right back to cheat you

don't say one day one day it all right

it straight out like this it's never

okay to cheat if you feel like you need

to cheat on your girl you don't need to

be with it all right what should she do

that she cheat on me she got a go you

know I'm saying I might be hurt if I

loved a girl but other than that she got

to go all right real [ __ ] [ __ ] real

[ __ ] [ __ ] all right what about you when

you when you just don't feel that [ __ ]

no more beautiful when you don't feel

that way that [ __ ] a little bit more

right so I put some light like when she

starts fading type feel good and she

acting different you see that [ __ ]

because you know she doing that [ __ ]

it's all it's all so how you acting this

Ichigo you Kelly I'm doggin [ __ ] me to

be honest but if you feel like cheating

just break up with her this is I mean

tether straight up you just [ __ ] whoever

you want but I don't do that like lot

like live a like live a double life

there's no point of that like just be a

grown man and cut things off like it's

no there's no reason to cheat I like and

hit really great somebody then you need

to be doubt you need to be down for the

person right if she did that to you

first time yeah I'm not with that cut

her off and bag up flex on her eyes

I am so how you gonna flex something

like you imma just burn it up imma keep

doing the same [ __ ] that out that I said

that I was gonna do with her I'm gonna

do it about my dog oh and then she don't

see that [ __ ] happened yeah and then

she's gonna be so unless you gonna hit

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