Cheat days may help dieters lose weight, research finds

now to our GMA Health Alert new research

breaking down cheat days and whether

they help or they hurt your diet it

turns out they can actually be the key

to helping you lose that weight

Pizza candy junk food galore cheap days

are the indulgent break from the chore

of dieting and frequently shared all

over social media Jen Aniston goes for

Mexican fare Hugh Jackman reaches for

Tim Tam cookies and the rock chocolate

chip banana pancakes but new research

shows taking a break from your diet may

actually improve weight loss long-term

scientists found people who dieted for

two weeks then paused cutting calories

for two weeks lost more weight and fat

than people who died did continuously

why would indulging help you diet it's

the diet catch-22 to lose weight you

need to eat less but then your body

responds by burning fewer calories it's

a protective measure that goes back to

caveman days to conserve energy when you

don't have enough food to eat so diet

cheaters rejoice breaking your diet may

convince your body you're not starving

so you can have your cake and eat it too

alright our senior medical contributor

dr. Jennifer Ashton is here now so tell

us what your thoughts are on this study

that cheat days are actually helpful

okay couple of caveats number one this

particular study very small numbers we

need to study it more with more people

and even the group that had those reset

periods of time had their calories

restricted to the new lower amount of

body weight so again it needs more

research but let me show you what the

theory of this diet approach is we have

two audience members here Alessandra

she's gonna represent the person who

gets a reset day so if you think of

those bags like the number of the days

of the month as she picks them up go

ahead you could go through and let's say

she's doing six days on one day of reset

when she gets through day six you can

eat the whole plate of doesn't do

nominally diet could potentially but

Jeremy who's gonna do this indefinitely

you can see that it gets harder and

harder for him to pick up these bags if

there's no reset or cheat period so you

know by the end of six days 14 days 30

days he's physically psychologically and

metabolically getting a little bit

because your body

your body is adjusting to the fewer

calories is a very smart machine and its

exact both in a metabolic standpoint

keep going Jeremy no so if you are gonna

cheat I mean are there downsides and I

would imagine eating all the cords like

derail your obviously it potentially

could if you if you when you reset you

eat very poorly you could you could undo

all of the good that you've already done

and again making new habits it's about

making things you're doing great Jeremy

but listen I always tell people my

prescription for weight loss or

sustaining a new weight is very simple

for anything to work it has to be safe

it has to be simple and it has to be

sustainable because any diet approach

could work in that short because that's

not gonna



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