When is it safe to take my newborn in public? How can I prevent him from getting infections?

many parents who have young infants want

to know how soon they can go out in

public because of course for one you

want to get out for your sanity and you

want kind of want life to return to

normal you have things you want and need

to do but you also have a newborn that

you want to protect and of course you

don't want them to get sick it is

recommended that you limit your babies

exposure to public places during those

first couple of weeks to months when

their immune systems are very tender

before they've gotten most of their

immunizations so you got specifically

about taking your baby to the gym to

exercise and it's recommended that you

wait till about six to eight weeks to

start exercising and that might be that

might be enough time before you start

taking your baby out in public places

but another thing to consider is where

that time falls during RSV season RSV

season starts in about October and goes

all the way through April or May and it

peaks at about January through March so

if if you're wanting to go out into

public places during these times it may

not be such a great idea to take your

baby with you get a babysitter and have

them stay at home with your infant while

you go out and exercise this also goes

for places like the shopping mall the

grocery store the gym church and mall

all those sorts of places if you do take

your baby out though make sure you stay

away from people who you know are sick

limit their exposure to other people and

make sure you wash your hands that's the

most important thing you can do wash

your hands with warm water and soap for

at least a good 15 to 20 seconds getting

up a good lather and if you're unable to

wash your hands use some form of

alcohol-based hand sanitizer especially

before you touch your baby or any of

your babies things like pinkies bottles

blankets toys and if you do this you

should help to keep yourself protected

from colds and ultimately your baby as

well good luck with everything and if

you have any other questions for me in

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