Can You Wear Brown Shoes With Navy Blue or Gray Pants? (Questions From The Readers)



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maybe I'm just an old guy but when did

it become okay to wear brown shoes with

gray or blue pants that just looks wrong

and that's a great question it's a

question that I've gotten fairly

frequently over the years so let's dive

a little bit more in-depth into that you

know as you see here we have two

different shades of gray pants one pair

of navy pants in six different shades of

brown shoes both Casca and suede I had

these up here to show you that you know

you can match brown shoes with gray and

navy trousers you know not every shade

of brown goes with every shade of grey

but pretty much every shade of brown

shoe goes with navy pants I understand

at least I believe I understand what the

impetus and and the thinking behind the

showman's question in common is and that

goes back to an old British rule that

there's no brown in town and gentlemen

would only wear black shoes and although

I don't think you're ever going to be

wrong wearing black shoes you're leaving

a lot on the table you know they're

leaving probably ninety percent of

combinations on the table because black

is black worth brown I mean there's a

ton of different shades of brown Brown

to me is a much more dynamic it's a much

more deep color than black and I

personally like to wear it a lot more

than black I think one thing that's

important to note is one of the

fundamental underlying concepts of

pairing brown shoes with grey trousers

specifically are kind of the undertones

of the brown and the other tones of the

gray as you see in these gray pants here

we have kind of a bluish gray tint to

them and these pants are just you know a

grey there are some Gray's that have an

orangish hue or an orangish undertone to

them and with brown shoes as you see we

have almost like a honey or chestnut

brown here a more orange e Brown a more

just dark chocolate brown these are

almost like blackish Browns so if you

can kind of pair and match those Browns

with the grays you can create some

really great combinations and some

really dynamic interesting looks and and

better yet if you can throw in texture

like suede and flannel moleskin you know

heavy twill you know bird's eye as you

see here it just elevates the look of

your ensemble and those are that that

ability to mix the different undertones

and different colors and the different

textures I think is what separates you

know just an OK dresser from the really

good dressers and and some of you guys

that may take a lot of time to build up

your wardrobe to the point you can do

that and to build up your kind of

comfort and confidence and knowledge of

style to where you can you know elevate

your level of dressing to that point but

it's certainly possible and you know

back in the day I didn't dress too well

but I think I'm able to you know pair

these different textures and pair these

different you know colors of brown and

gray well together and it's it's

light-years from where I was you know

810 years ago with my personal style so

you know there's hope for everybody one

thing I would like to note about the

brown shoes is that they are not as for

most black shoes you can wear black with

almost any shade of grey with almost any

shade of you know blue pants but Brown

is slightly less formal in particularly

on the lighter end of the brown shoes so

these three shoes are less formal than

these three shoes also calf skin is more

formal than suede shoes so keep that in

mind depending on the setting depending

on what you're dressing for if you need

to be super formal maybe black shoe is a

better option or the super dark brown

shoes to address the idea

of wearing brown shoes at night I would

say they're totally fine you know

historically maybe black is the favorite

color at nighttime that has to do with

the other dim lighting and trying to be

seductive and and reflecting the color

of the night that's all fine but I think

brown shoes are totally fine at night I

mean if you're wearing you know a polo

shirt and like jeans or chinos you're

already in a pretty casual outfit so you

know how much you really can address

that up by wearing a pair of black shoes

and again with a lot of the colors of or

the shades of blue and the blue jeans a

lot of colors of your chinos and khakis

you know you're gonna find a shade of

brown that goes with those pants so -

the old rule of no brown in town and and

you're wearing only black in town again

you're not going to be poorly dressed

you're not going to be out of style if

you only wear black shoes that's totally

fine but for most occasions you're

probably fine in the mid Brown - you

know the darker Brown family now getting

back to my earlier discussion of kind of

the undertones and matching of the grays

and the Browns let's take a look on the

lighter end of the spectrum here we have

this like gray flannel trousers and you

know these brown shoes here which I

think all three of these go very well

with this trouser with this shade of

gray my personal favorite is is this

Brown it's a great shoe from Allen

Edmonds it's I think the second or third

pair of dress shoes I bought and this

parent has held up so well the shade of

brown is a great shade of brown you know

it goes equally well with the navy blue

but I just really like how it plays off

of the the gray of this trouser the

suede is a great complement to the

flannel texture of this pant and then we

had this kind of chestnut whiskey Brown

here which again has a little more red

in it but I think it goes very well with

the label a great rouser we can even

bring it over a little bit to this

darker ground nailhead or there's not

darker gray nailhead and it works well

as we get darker

you know these dark Browns also work

very well with the dark gray trouser you

know I prefer the suede I think it's

just the matte appearance of it reflects

well or complements well then now the

bird's eye texture then I would even

wear this dark suede shoe with these

like grey trousers you know as I said


as we get to the navy blue you can wear

any shade of of brown shoe with a navy

blue you know we have this lighter brown

and you know these darker Browns and

they all go with the the navy pant if

you've ever traveled to Italy or seen

pictures of groups of Italian men you'll

notice that most if not all of them are

wearing brown shoes it's pretty well

known fact that the Italian gentleman

loved brown shoes I kind of ally with

them on that front I think the brown is

much more dynamic it's it's much richer

and a much nicer color to wear generally

speaking I don't wear much black anyway

so that's easy for me to say Fred

Astaire who is I think without argument

one of the most well dressed men in the

history of mankind

that was a big fan of brown suede shoes

apparently one of the reasons he liked

the brown suede shoes was for his

dancing suede is a little more flexible

it's little easier to break in sometimes

so it totally makes sense you know if

he's moving his feet if he's dancing

it maybe gets a quicker step a little

easier step and you know it's certainly

you know can't blame them for that so to

really quickly answer that gentleman's

question yes you can wear brown shoes

with gray pants you can wear brown shoes

with navy pants you can wear black shoes

with gray and navy pants are not going

to be wrong wearing black shoes barring

the most formal of occasions you're

totally fine to wear brown shoes I just

think it's important that you make sure

that the brown and the grays complement

each other they match each other that

they don't clash and that just you know

it'll take some practice it'll take some

you know work at that but that none of

you guys you know should be unable to do

that with a little bit of practice so I

hope you guys found this useful I hope

it was helpful I hope you learned

something I hope you're able to take

these concepts and apply them to your

personal style and to your wardrobe but

some of you guys may disagree with me

some of you guys may want to debate or

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