How to Wear Boots For Fall and Winter

you know guys as the weather gets

harsher and harsher your clothing is

going to need to adapt to become

functional to the increment time but

unlike your unstylish friends that out

all right you're just trying to survive

you are here thriving because you are

here and you understand that you can

still look stylish no matter how cold it

gets as long as the cooling is

functional and it protects which means

that once ball hits one of the pieces

that needs to change is your Footwear

and there's no better option than boot

and then you pair those boots with your

favorite pair of blue denim and you got

you a beautiful marriage but like any

marriage it can lead to bitter divorce

if both parties don't know how to

coexist properly so today your style is

going to get the love of deserves using

these seven style rules to match your

boots with your jeans don't you just

love my analogy now next time your girl

talks to you about marriage you're gonna

be thinking about how you're gonna pair

your boots with the jeans let's hop into

it over one you can roll your jeans when

you're wearing with your pouf this is

probably the most classic where you wear

your boots with your denim here you're

just essentially rolling your denim to a

no break point to just expose your food

and offer you tons of style the

conscious of the lighter interior denim

against a darker out exterior denim

offers a great breaking point before

starting onto the pool which is great

because the boot itself it deserves its

own spotlight especially these from our

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two to three inches on your height so

you even look more attractive that's why

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below pick one up the second way you can

wear your denim and your boots is

stacked this is a more rugged and edgy

way to wear your denim and this is

looking for the guy that has more of a


he doesn't care nor has the time for his

jeans to look perfectly tailored which

is a great warning for anybody that's

OCD because if you are you probably will

hate this to pull this look off you're

gonna need fitted denim that's a little

bit stiff you also want it to be cut a

little bit longer so if you're let's say

3030 essentially you're gonna want to

buy denim that's thirty thirty-two that

extra length and the fact that it's

stiff and fitted when you put on that

boot that extra length is basically

gonna stack on the bottom part of your

leg and give you that stack effect third

ways you can wear your denim is

this is a variation of the rule but a

little bit more on the hipster side now

I don't recommend this if you're a short

guy because what's happening here is

that you're gonna be adding a two to

three inch count and you're not gonna be

adding a double roll so it's just gonna

be a thick barrel cuff this is a really

cool contrast and again one of my hips

survives and preferably better on target

number four you got the note break this

is probably one of my personal favorites

where you tailor your denims to a point

that there is no break whatsoever so

when you put on a boot it's almost like

a seamless perfect marriage where your

outfit lines transition from your leg or

your denim into your boot without any

breaks without any interruption I think

it's a dressier way to wear your boots

or if you're trying to use it in an

office setting or just to look a little

bit more sophisticated a no break look

that's probably what you want now the

fifth rule is what you don't want to do

you don't want to stuff your jeans into

your boots little too messy tacky and

personally I think it looks pasty you're

ruining your jeans and you're over

exposing your boots neither of which

should deep happen so in my opinion this

is a very hard interruption on the eyes

and most of the times almost 99.9

percent of the time and never looks at

number six don't wear your boots with

skin type denim a general rule of thumb

is that the opening on your denim should

be a bit larger than the thickness of

the top part of your boot that way the

denim can slice on top of your group but

also when your denim is tighter and skin

tight on your leg it just makes you

personally look unbalanced since boots

are so heavy set for you to be wearing

skin tight leggings in your mind you're

thinking you're gonna be looking like

Ryan Reynolds but in reality you're

looking like Ronald McDonald as a

general rule of thumb you just want a

trim cut that offers mobility if your

pecker is printing on your jeans they're

too tight for you bro finally number

seven do not wear a classic cut or a

boot cut a boots is a beautiful piece of

footwear especially these Thursday boots

do not kill it

by wearing denim but it's gonna

completely engulfed them and cover it up

you're just wasting your money

and that's basically it for today's

video guys those are seven rules that

you should follow to wear your boots if

you guys liked this video and found it

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that's it for me today see you next time