When Is It OK to Walk Out of a Job?

you may feel the urge but is it ever

okay to quit your job on the spot

despite the growing number of employees

who are doing it there are some

important factors to consider before

doing something you may regret later

here with the story is wsj work family

columnist sue Shellenberger hi sue of

the employers you spoke with who noted

this trend of workers quitting

immediately and walking out the door

what reasons did those workers give for

leaving and were they mostly Millennials

largely millenials and they were

employees who felt little sense of

attachment to their employers maybe they

were disappointed in the training or in

their prospects for promotion their

older workers too though we're

participating to some extent these are

people who took a pay cut backs and

heavier workloads during the recession

and haven't really seen any relief since

then alright so sue some people may be

surprised to learn that at-will

employment laws state employers and

employees alike can terminate their

relationship at any time without notice

and these laws exist in almost all

states correct sue that's right we often

hear that the employer can terminate us

at any time without notice but we don't

realize employees have the same right

employers often do write contracts in

fact with employees or set written

policies to prevent them from leaving

without notice if they can do so right

so this two-week notice period that we

are all familiar with is just a widely

accepted standard of workplace conduct

right it right it's a standard of

Professional Conduct that pretty much

everyone agrees is is the best thing to

do and since it's so widely accepted if

you don't give it you really run the

risk of burning bridges correct so I

mean you certainly won't be able to get

a good reference from a job that you

walk out of it doesn't leave a good

taste in the employers mouth in fact if

you get up and walk out with a post-it

note or whatever it may be the only

thing anybody remembers about you

regardless of how well you performed and

you spoke with some people who say they

regret leaving their jobs that way yes

actually I did and very often they were

people who had looked back

maybe their first job out of college and

they quit without notice and they really

regretted it immediately because it left

them wondering first of all about the

employer and what their boss was

thinking and second about themselves why

did they lack the sort of character as

one woman put it to stick in there and

make it work and she never put without

notice again do you do tho point out to

some scenarios where it is okay to quit

on the spot and head for the door right

so I think if you're being abused by an

employer and there's just no prospect of

standing your ground and turning that

around or of course if the boss is tweet

something illegal and you're getting

pulled in probably okay to walk out if

there's a conflict of interest if you

have proprietary information or you're

going to work for a competitor or both

oftentimes employer employee will agree

preferably by mutual agreement that the

job ends that day but the employee

should still be paid for two weeks


now there are some rare cases where you

may be offered an amazing job the job of

your dreams but your new employer says

you have to start tomorrow how do you

get out of the situation without leaving

bad blood very very hard for the

conscientious employee one case I

discovered in my reporting the woman

immediately as soon as she gave notice

and said look I'm sorry it's show up

Monday or don't show up at all huge pay

raise chilling in a promotion she then

turned her attention to making

everything as good for her employer as

she could she found potential candidates

to replace her she came back on her own

time to help train her replacement she

made clear to her employer that she

really did have the employers interests

at heart but this was just too good to

pass up

can't argue with that she put in her own

time to help train someone all right

thank you so much sue shelling bargains