When Should I Try Again After a Miscarriage? | This Morning

one thing I do want to ask you quickly

this is Beth she said when should I try

again I recently had a miscarriage I'm

struggling to cope I want baby boobs

just wondering if and when I should try

again is it too soon how soon is too

soon so the answer to that really is

it's it's as soon as you're ready to

start trying emotionally you know

physically is probably a good idea to

let yourself have at least a period or

two just to regulate your body back to


but it's really important that with

miscarriage you need the emotional

support around you from your partner and

your friends to be mentally prepared and

I'd also suggest during that time trying

to optimize your physical health with

all the things we're spoken about I'm in

order to get yourself in the best

possible shape but don't be discouraged

and we know that miscarriage is is

normal lots and lots of women have

missed Laureys of women and but but

after if you are having miscarriage and

then another miscarriage when is it

become when does it become an issue

where you should then go and see yes


so one miscarriage is extremely common

and in fact a quarter of women who do

get pregnant will miscarry but having

three or more miscarriages in a row is

something that we should investigate so

do go and see your GP if you are in that

situation and they can run some blood

tests to check for any abnormalities and

also do an ultrasound scan to check your

uterus and all right thank you thank you

very much