Q&A - When is the best time to trim bushes?

when is the best time to trim bushes now

we don't know what bushes we're talking

about yeah okay so let me throw

something out there how about a xerius

won't be the best time to prune azaleas

right after they flower and that's what

it true about them just about all your

spring blooming shrubs

once they flowered prune them and if you

print them before then and you're gonna

print up all your flowers and then a lot

of people mess up you should do what

about like boxwood we get that question

a few times at the office I like to do

it right the end of winter before they

begin the new growth because then

they're gonna send out a new flush of

growth and I can shape them if I print

them any other time I may have to look

at you know stubs all winter for example

if I do it in the father in the

wintertime you could do it up till about

in the June I don't like to do it once

you get on into July and August

your new growth might be so fresh that

when we have our first frost in the file

it could nip that growth and make it

look brown out winter okay all right but

yeah I'm glad you mention it about these

areas because we have a lot of folks

they cut them off before even and this

between hydrangea is in there because on

which hydrogen you have right if you

have big leaves the big pink and blue

ones that we think about they have set

buds last year right so if you prune

them for a long time you won't have

flowers but if it's the Annabelle the

arbor essence or the paniculata as they

bloom on new growth so they can be cut

back in the spring and still flower so

you got to know what you got