I Wish Someone Told Me... When it's Ok to take a Newborn Outside

I'm a new mom to a one-week-old baby

girl I'm going stir-crazy in the house

is it okay to take my newborn outside

when is it too hot or too cold as a new

parent you'll probably be taking your

baby outside sometime you may be

wondering if it's too cold to take them

out or if it's too hot one of the things

to keep in mind is that babies are

different than adults they don't sweat

as much as grown-ups do they overheat

and cool down faster because they're

smaller it's just like having a pot of

water a large pot takes longer to boil

or cool down than a small pot probably

the best thing to do is just make sure

that your baby is well dressed for the

weather if it's warm outside light

clothing is a good idea sunscreen to

protect them from sunburn is also a good

idea and finally you'd want to think

about having a nice hat too for the cold

use your common sense make sure that

your child is well dressed enough to

stay warm you don't need to make sure

that they're completely completely

bundled up you should know that being

cold won't hurt your baby's immunity you

don't need to worry that they're going

to get sick just by going outside

instead the best way to protect your

child from infections is to make sure

that you have proper hand-washing make

sure that you wash your hands book

before you leave the house and then

after when you come home that's the best

way to make sure that your child won't

get sick rather than never taking them

outside with these common-sense

techniques you'll be sure that your baby

doesn't overheat or get too cold when

taken outside