Soccer Player Loses His Big Toenail - Sports Foot Injury

okay so you said you thought that the

fungal infection started on this when

you were five yeah what did you notice

back when you were five I kind of like

the typical signs of like the thickening

and how do you say it

discoloration elaboration thickening

like crumbling did you swim a lot as a

kid I am a good bit hmm

yeah let the pool a lot and play tons of


I'm gonna want to watch this video yeah

well yeah give me a couple weeks to get

it up there so we're gonna take this

piece with some of this debris from

underneath yeah and we'll send this

piece in there and let them you know so

you have some of the nail lifted up off

of here also just from the bruising

under the nail okay so that's part of it

but you definitely the nail definitely

is thicker over on this side and so if

anything I'm doing here is hurting you

let me know no back off a little bit but

I just won't kind of try and take off as

much of the nail if that isn't attached

yeah so that you're less likely to pull

it off when you put a sock on right so

all this black stuff underneath it right


that's just bleeding okay

that's the bleeding under the nail

probably from just smashing it over and


Thanks ocular now it's all dried blood

so I'm not gonna pull this piece off

well I know that isn't attached it's

just attached to the skin okay so

basically your whole nail came off yeah

and yes it will grow back oh okay

will it grow back exactly the same that


you know we'll just have to wait and see

but for right now this should be you

know much more comfortable than having

that great big ol nail on there oh and

this is just callous and under here it


so I would just put a little Thunder

better okay okay so how does just we're

just gonna put a plain old band-aid over

that but it's for protection now can i

play with it yes all right

yep and it will probably feel way better

than it did yeah

when you came in here is just it that is

just all skin there's a teeny little

piece of nail back over here then still

attached I think and as the new nail

grows in it'll just push that out yeah

so yeah you can go swimming with it you

can do anything with this it's just

plain old skin but everything's intact

right in terms of like the now matrix

yes now matrice back here isn't happy

it's probably damaged or injured which

is why it made such a thick nail so

we'll see how much of it is due to

fungus yes is just the trauma okay and

we'll let you know then I'll just edit

all this stuff now this one also you

know this is black and blue just from

trauma okay so what I end and also it's

lifted up off the nail bed but we'll

send in a little piece to be tested so

I'm gonna trim off whatever is not

attached I think there's much more of

this one attached yeah

then there was at the other again all

this dark stuff underneath is just dried


so the thickening can come from the from

the trauma - exactly

and the matric why does it respond like

that don't know it's just protective

right and so when that nail matrix gets

injured it usually will produce a

thicker nickel so the reason to do the

culture is to find out if it really is

just thick from trauma then we're not

going to put you through the expense

potential complications of doing

medication right if it does come back

fungal we can treat it and maybe make it

so there's a little squeaky and make it

more comfortable or make it thinner or

more normal looking okay it may or may

not work but we could definitely try it

is this one bothering you as well a

little bit I don't really understand

well again it's just a bruise under the

nail runners consider it a badge of

honor to lose a nail just kidding

although some you because what is the

function of toenails is what I don't

understand well you know I penny half

we're going to be careful who I say this

around yeah they're just vestiges of one

we used to dig holes and climb trees in

that evolutionary process yeah so do we

need them for anything not really they

don't give us protection and they you

know if you're female it's part of the

cosmetic appeal yeah right to get them

all polished and looking nice but do we

actually really need them alright so

what I'm going to do here is I'm just

going to smooth this out and thin it

down a little bit and that'll make this

way more comfortable and less likely to

get pulled off now again as the new

rose out it'll push this out like a baby

tooth and you could just trim off

whatever is not attached okay okay and

this one are you culturing I did take a

little piece of military culture okay so

I feel better yeah okay all right so

hopefully we got it