What if I forget to take my prenatal vitamin (or take too many)?

and lastly what happens if either you

forget to take your vitamin one day or

you take it twice one day and really the

takeaway there is don't worry don't


again remembering that there is no magic

associated with the term prenatal

vitamin so not every woman who is

pregnant it's taking specifically a

prenatal formulation or even taking it

or able to tolerate it every single day

and that's okay it's really how the diet

and all the nutrient intake balances out

by the end of the week by the same token

if you accidentally take two you will

most likely get a little little gastric

upset feel for you to please call it in

and talk to your OB about it but it is

unlikely to cause any acute harm that

one time so again don't panic one way or

the other if you have any more questions

about vitamins or supplements and

pregnancy you're Vincent o be patient

feel free to make an appointment with me

by calling the main vincent OB line I

look forward to seeing you soon