At what age should I stop burping my baby?

it's very important to burp your young

baby because they have no other way of

working gas bubbles out themselves it's

usually best to burp them halfway

through a meal and then after they're

done feeding but as they start to get

older their bodies will naturally start

to work the gas out and you'll notice

that your baby will start to burp after

feedings on occasion and once this is

happening on a regular basis you can

stop burping your baby burping is very

important and it's important should not

be underestimated it can actually help

reduce the risk of colic and other

complications babies experience when

they have a buildup of gas inside their

tummy so burp your baby halfway between

each feeding so like your nursing nurse

on one side burp your baby and then

nurse on the other side if you're

feeding a bottle stop when the your

baby's had half the bottle to drink burp

your baby and then burp again after the

feedings over as babies get older they

start to naturally expel gas on their

own and burping is not necessary this

usually happens between six and eight

months of age but you'll be the best one

to know when it's actually time to stop

burping because once your baby's burping

naturally after most feedings then

you'll know it's time to stop if you

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