Sleep Training

hello I'm Aaron Trager if you'd

attrition with advocate not a group and

today we're going to talk a little bit

about sleep training your infant now

sleep training your infant is it sounds

like rocket science and it may feel like

rocket science but in reality it's not

now the first thing that you need to

understand about sleep training your

baby is that it is totally unrealistic

to expect your baby to sleep through the

night before their four months old okay

so you know just be prepared the first

four months or so are going to be pretty

rough but even though you have a newborn

that's you know a month old and they're

you know starting to act like maybe they

are starting to be ready to sleep

through them a little bit there's some

things that you can do to really help

push them in that direction so that when

they're four months old they'll be able

to sleep tonight so the first things

first if it is nighttime the fit is dark

outside you should not be encouraging

your baby to stay awake so what do I

mean by that well the first thing is is

you know leave the lights off okay make

it as dark as you possibly can for those

nighttime feedings also you know don't

think a lot of noise don't sing them

don't talk to him just change the baby

feed them and then you can put them

right back down or if you want

especially in the beginning to spend

some time holding them and rocking into

things like that that's that's okay but

as you get older and older as you get

closer to that four month mark changing

feeding and putting them right back down

is exactly the way to go so most babies

if you do that if most babies if you are

at a completely dark completely silent

they'll start to figure it out they'll

start to start to figure out hey I'm not

getting anything from this except for my

nutrition so I'm just going to go back

to sleep and then the rest of time

during the day forget about it go nuts

you know hey it's so good to see you're

awake and really enjoy that that parent

bonding time when right after a feat

where they're so awake and they're so

wanting to go during the daytime but at

night you know nice and easy going nice

and quiet and hopefully they'll start to

sleep through this all we start to sleep

a little bit more so so then it's four

months so now your baby's four month old

and they're starting to act like they're

ready to sleep for the night okay it's

okay at this point now that your baby's

four months old is to just follow the

same routine that you've been doing

before but you can feel a little bit

more firm with it so what I mean is

change the baby feed the baby and put

them right back down and if they're

awake and they're wanting to cry

stuff like that that's perfectly fine it

really is so you know really now that

your babies for my soul I'm okay with

letting them cry for 30 minutes up to an

hour I think that that's okay I couldn't

do it with my kids you know the crying

after a while started to say nope it's

been 30 minutes it's time to go back in

and then you repeat the entire process

you change them you feed them if you put

them back down and the point is is just

saying hey I'm not going to interact

with you right now I've just going to

let you get your nutrition and get back

to sleep eventually with some time they

will start to sleep through the night

but if you can't do that you know that's

okay now six months it's a little bit

different so by the time you reach six

months from a nutritional point of view

your baby should be just fine sleeping

the night actually by four months in

reality two months three months four

months by that point they should

nutritionally be okay with sleeping

games just look for 8 to 12 hours but at

six months it's time to really push a

little bit harder so now it's herds it's

not a nutrition thing it's turned more

into a behavioral thing that your child

is just used to this you know it's kind

of the same way you know you wake up

you've had a rough night a thunderstorm

will be up or you had a runny nose and

then for a couple nights later you're

still waking up at that three o'clock in

the morning like man why can't I go back

to sleep well your baby's doing the same

thing they've been programmed to stay

awake and wake up in a bill that I

frequently so at this point we change

things a little bit we change them and

you put them right back down and you let

him cry it's perfectly fine let him cry

for 30 minutes I'm cry for now that's

okay and then repeat the cycle change

them and then put them right back down

what you're doing is is that you're

telling them hey look this if there's

something wrong I'm going to come and

I'm going to be able to save you and

help you but it's time for you to go to

sleep and it's time for you to stay down

and with time that really really does

get better now how long does this take

well you know i'd like to say with

everybody yeah give it a couple days

it's going to work out perfectly fine

but most parents take comments within a

couple days within a week or so their

baby's not sleeping pretty good through

the night