SEXTING! How To Do It Right ♥

Yo.. to be honest.. I am a huge fan of sexting, because it’s kinda like foreplay before

foreplay. And if you do it in the right way it can be soooo freaking tantalizing. This

is because the brain is our largest erogenous zone.

Soo in this video I ll share with you my secrets to some seriously juicy sexting.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I would really love to **** you hard now.”

mhh.. wrong.. let’s start all over again.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I would so love to feel your soft lips now on mine.”

Sooo start slow.. and keep it subtle. Find out first whether or not your partner is into

sexting. You really don’t want to scare anyone..

especially if your relationship is brand new..

#2 Be a little bit of a tease

“If only you could see what I am wearing now.. it’s like a breath of nothing”

Try to create some mystery. Your lover should have to use imagination to fill in some blanks.

“Don’t mind the typos. I am somehow only able to type with one hand now.”

#3 Trigger sensual memories

“Mhh remember when you made me come twice in a row. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Activating memories will stimulate an additional part of your lover’s brain..

“mmhh baby.. you are driving me crazy over here. I love this.”

Whether you like something your partner is saying or you don’t.. tell them. Positive

reinforcement can be just the encouragement your sexting partner needs to keep it coming.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. So instead of a full-on crotch shot send something

visually suggestive. Take a shot of your cleavage, your nipples hidden under your dress.. or

a pic of your belly.

Really anything can be sexy.. just make sure you use proper light and your room looks clean.

And boo never ever send out naked pictures that include your face. You don't want to

be one of those scary stories about leaked photos.

“Hey there, you looked hot last night.. can you send me a pic of your butt?”

Seriously you make yourself way more mysterious and interesting if you give your partner something

to look forward to. So even if you are horny tame it down a bit. You can talk naughty and

flirty, but don’t get too dirty too soon.

“Hey there.. it was great dancing with you last night. I’d love to get to know you


And by the way.. some say don’t sext if you’ve never sexed. There might be exceptions

but it’s important to be cautious who you share your thoughts and pictures with. Keep

in mind.. there are some real weirdos out there. So don’t sext too soon.

“You are making me so wet.. OMG :D Emoji”

No.. really no. If you want to sound like a sexually developed grownup then talk the

talk. And.. don’t use emojis. Just don’t. It totally kills the vibe. The only thing

that still has it’s flirty charm is the old ;). Just don’t overdo it.

And babe.. when it comes to sexting keep it real. Do not say anything you don’t plan

to do in real life. It’ll only create problems.

Always stay true to your heart, body and feelings.

So boo.. there you have it.. I truly hope you enjoyed this little sexting guide of mine.

And when you get the chance to send a sexy text next time put not just your libido but

also your heart in your fingertips.