When to start mowing grass

hey there it's Pete would you see our

turf hope you're having a great day

check yourself now I don't know about

you but man there's nothing like mowing

a yard so I get asked quite often hey

Pete when do you start mowing well I got

a few things I'll look at that helped me

make that decision so first and foremost

I look at kind of the overall condition

of the yard

mainly the height of my grass of course

that's going to depend on where you live

it's going to depend on how you

fertilize when you fertilize your

current weather situation going on a lot

of different things come into play in

answering that question

this is turf type tall fescue you see

right here

I'm no more than 3 inches right here but

when I go over here I'm up around the 4

to 4 and a half inch Springs right Pete

how come the yards different heights and

different parts of the yard well it's

kind of blended you know it's blended

it's not like one section so much taller

than the other it's just high and low

spots all throughout the yard that's

completely normal in the spring wake up

let me put it to you this way do all

your kids get up by the bed the exact

same time every single morning nope

so that's kind of my first indicator

that I'm looking for I'm looking for an

average height of around four to four

and a half inches on my yard now when

the majority of my yard is around that

four to four and a half inch range

that's when I'm gonna really start

thinking hard about cutting the guard

all right so what some other indicators

you're looking for Pete well the second

thing is my local weather okay what I

don't want to do the absolute worst

thing I can do is come out here and cut

the yard

and then the day or day after I get a

super hard frost on it I don't want all

that open leaf blade and then a hard

frost hit it the only reason I said that

it's because I remember a few years ago

everybody was cutting their grass it was

early we had a exceptionally warm March

people started mowing their grass around

the second week of March or so and

around the third or fourth week of March

we had a super hard frost and we had

yards that literally turned white almost

as if you painted them with with a white

spray-paint it was the dangerous thing

I'd ever saw so since then I've always

kind of been mindful of the weather

that's coming up after my first or

second cut of the year now if you

already mowed your grass and you get a

hard Frost should you be worried well

maybe a little bit maybe not chances are

you know we're getting ready to go into

spring it's going to be nice and warm

getting some rain you're gonna be

feeding the yard again

I mean that yard is gonna come out and

do pretty well I here's something else

you might want to consider you might

want to get your schedule right because

once you start cutting that grass in the

spring it's gonna jump out of the ground

screaming now obviously different turf

types you're gonna start mowing at

different times I don't have a Bermuda

yard this is a 75% turf type tall fescue

and 25% midnight Kentucky bluegrass just

ruin about the second week of March and

I'm looking forward to cutting probably

this week I'll be sticking that video up

doing my first mow video coming up here

real soon so be sure to check that out

now you guys have a warm season grasses

down south

chances are hey you may be cutting

already if you've got Bermuda chances

are you've already went into your scalp

mode where you want to cut it down a

little lower to try to help wake that

Bermuda up you guys up north out in the

Midwest where you're still cold

you may still have a little time yet but

maybe these little indicators will help

you know when it's time to start cutting

the grass so to wrap all this up into

one little neat little ball just let

your grass tell you when it's time to

cut say thank you for watching my videos

cool Z's and turf is kind of my niche

this is all tall fescue and bluegrass

and this summer at my office we're going

to be laying some zeorge asad and

Bermuda sod so I'm gonna have some warm

season videos moving forward so I show

you warm season guys kind of how we

manage that turf so be sure to LIKE

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appreciate you watching check you later