How to Not Skip the Gym EVER (5 Easy Steps)

you decide it's time to get fit or just

time to shut a couple pounds so you get

a gym membership it's been a couple

weeks and you've managed to get yourself

into the gym a couple times a week but

there's still that voice in your head

that's telling you you really don't want

to go to the gym so you end up trying to

convince yourself just to get into the

gym while you're putting on your gym

clothes and it's just such a drag

what's going on guys it's Joey and I

totally get where you're coming from so

in this video I'm gonna go ahead and

break down what I call the five gym

phases by breaking down these gym phases

you're gonna see just how I went from

not wanting to go to the gym really ever

to making it an inseparable part of my

lifestyle that I cannot live without

going to the gym every day I know what

you're thinking probably some of the

long lines of I don't like going to the

gym how could I ever actually like going

to the gym or I just can't see myself

going into the gym every single day that

just sounds like crazy talk the reason

you feel like this is because you have a

perception of the gym that only allows

you to see it one way and it only makes

sense that you feel the way you do right

now I'm gonna change your perspective on

the gym so that you will no longer look

at the gym the way that you currently do

and so you can get to the place that I

am integrating it into your lifestyle

does that sound good all right let's

jump in phase number one is that you

hate the gym but at least you're

starting to go this is the phase where

it's gonna feel like a chore where it's

gonna feel like you have to try and get

yourself to do it right nobody wants to

go out and sweep the deck nobody wants

to take the trash out or do the dishes

okay those are chores that's something

that you have to do that you know you

have to do and it's not gonna get done

unless you do it but you don't really

want to do it and that's exactly where

you feel about the gym and phase one

you're also gonna be extremely sore

after every time you go to the gym

you're gonna feel all that lactic acid

that's built up in your muscles and

you're wondering okay when is this sore

that's ever gonna go away if I'm sore

does this mean I shouldn't go into the

gym matter of fact no if you're sore you

should go in the gym even more to work

out that soreness but this is when

you're going to be the most sort is in

phase one you're not gonna have as much

energy throughout the day because you

are your body's not used to going into

the gym for so long and just working out

as much as you are and you're still

stuck in that mindset that you have to

try and pull yourself to get into the

gym okay everybody goes through this

everybody understands that this is the

starting phase of when you first start

the gym like no one

the gym for the first time like super

ready to just get a workout on and

maintain that for the rest of whatever

finished journey they've set for

themselves lastly and phase one that

you're probably not going to have the

best workouts possible because it all

starts in the mindset and if your

mindset is I don't really want to go in

I'm not gonna put it my hundred percent

effort you're not going to be putting in

all of the effort that you have into the

sets and the reps that you're putting in

into the gym so your workouts are at

least you're getting a workout in but

you're not going a hundred percent so

you're not gonna have the best workouts

of your life during this phase phase

number two is building momentum and

getting used to the gym this is the

point where you are building up momentum

and you're just totally getting used to

going into the gym it's becoming less of

a chore but you're still managing to try

to pull yourself into the gym because

you're not really feeling it all the

time by this point you're pretty

familiar with the exercises nothing

really foreign to you maybe you're still

working on your form or you're still

working on trying to find the right

amount of weights for you so that you

can actually build muscle if that is

your goal and you're coming to

acceptance about the gym you're coming

to acceptance about you know I don't

hate it quite as much I've accepted it I

know it's gonna be a part of my long

journey that I'm setting for myself but

you were starting to come to more

acceptance however you're not quite

there yet - making it an integrated part

of your lifestyle phase number three is

seeing progress and turning that

momentum that you've already built up

into motivation now this is gonna come

naturally throughout my journey I've

realized that in this phase that I've

kind of blocked off as phase 3 is when

you're gonna be seeing all the results

catching up to your efforts so when you

first go through the first couple of

phases you're just getting used to it

you're not putting in all the effort

that you could be but in Phase three now

you're starting to get used to it like a

lot more you are putting in a lot more

effort and this is where the results is

we're gonna start seeing the results

catching up to the efforts that you're

putting in now remember in the first

little while when you're starting to get

used to going into the gym you might not

see all the results you want as fast as

you want but there's gonna be that

tipping point where once you've built

that momentum and that motivation and

you're gonna start to see results it's

all gonna come really quick really fast

and is gonna keep you going and it's

gonna keep that wheel turning for that

momentum that

already built by this point you have

gotten a lot more familiar with the gym

and you're able to bring yourself into

the gym a lot more it's a lot easier to

get in the gym you're putting in a lot

more effort into the sets and the reps

that you're putting for each exercise

and by this point your routine is

becoming habit so now you're not trying

to get yourself to remember to go to the

gym or force yourself to go into the gym

it's more of at the end of the day you

look back at your day and you realize

like okay I didn't go to the gym today

and you remember that and you know

because it feels like you're missing out

on something it feels like you forgot to

take a shower or you forgot to brush

your teeth okay it's becoming more of a

habit also once you get to phase 3 this

is when you're gonna start to be really

focusing on strength gains and the goals

that you're setting for yourself in the

gym now you've gotten past those first

couple phases where it's hard to get in

you know you're just getting used to

going in you're getting used to

weightlifting you don't really expect

much results coming from the effort that

you're putting in but by phase 3 you

have already been setting yourself goals

you've been going in you've been trying

to up the weights every time you lift

away and now is when you really really

get on top of the goals that you are

aiming for and lastly about this phase

is that your momentum is building into

motivation so you've been going day

after day maybe three or four or even

five six days a week for the past few

months now and you've had this momentum

or you haven't really taken a week off

you haven't taken two weeks off you

haven't skip too many exercises too many

workouts and now that is turning into

motivation like you no longer need to

look for external motivation you are

able to keep the wheel turning you're

able to keep going in and that is what

comes about this phase and unfortunately

too many people drop out and they stop

being consistent they stop going into

the gym they they're stuck in that phase

1 and phase 2 mindset and they never

really make it to phase 3 which is where

you have to fight to get to phase 3 and

it becomes so much easier phase number 4

is that it is a part of your lifestyle

it's a part of your routine it is a part

of you my phase 4 you know exactly how

important it is to go to the gym and

exercise you understand that if you want

to perform better at work if you want to

have more energy throughout the day if

you want to be happier if you want to be

less depressed and have less anxiety and

the other aspects in your life you've

already realized that more exercise is

going to increase the value of your

overall life so you realize that the

importance of getting in all the time

however you're not quite the point where

you cannot live without the gym also in

phase four this is when you're gonna be

talking about the gym with people maybe

you've met some friends at the gym or

you've met some other friends who

workout just as much as you do and this

is pretty much like the biggest topic at

hand is that you work you're talking

about different workouts that you're

doing or different routines or different

strategies different you know diet plans

like this is becoming something that you

want to talk about but I face Forrest

staying motivated is a non-issue you've

already built up the momentum to go all

the time that it is a part of your

lifestyle and you no longer need

motivation to get you through those gym

doors phase five is the most exciting

phase of all this is the phase that I

have been in for a while and I am so

grateful to be here but you really have

to push through each of those phases if

you want to get to phase five now hear

me out

at phase five the gym fitness nutrition

everything is now an inseparable part of

your lifestyle you cannot continue your

day without the gym for example for me I

cannot perform the rest of the day if I

do not go into the gym in the morning

because I have less energy I just don't

feel the same I don't feel as happy I'm

not able to focus on what I need to get

done unless I know that I'm going to the

gym that day also by this point soreness

is really a non-issue I mean I really

have to try to be as sore as I used to

be and also by this point motivation is

absolutely a non-issue motivation I do

not need motivation to get those doors

matter of fact my motivation is if I

don't go through those doors into the

gym and get a good workout then I'm just

not going to be happy for the rest of

the day and the best part about phase 5

is that you do not have to try to be

lean or fit year-round okay I do not

have to think about losing weight

anymore I don't have to think about

building muscle it's so integrated into

my life that's staying at a low body fat

percentage staying fit and staying in

the fitness lifestyle is not even a

question anymore I don't even have to

why because it's integrated into my life

when you are strictly focusing on your

goal of weight loss or burning fat then

you can completely get caught up in that

and disregard your muscle gain or any of

the muscular progress that you want to

make with your body if you don't want to

lose as much muscle as you are losing

fat make sure that you go ahead and

watch this video right now thank you

guys so much for watching this video go

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