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hey what's up john sonmez from

so i've got a question today that I

figured I would answer it's kind of a

long one but I think it's worth

answering and reading because it's a

good one it's entitled stuck in IT and

I'll just I'll just dive into this here

because I think this was a good one I've

had this on my board for a while and I

haven't answered it because it was so

long but now's the time today's a day no

more no more saving stuff for later all

right so this starts out I've been

working in the IT field since 2006 11

years but unfortunately the only role

I've ever had NIT is within the IT

support area it's the area no one wants

to be

it is commonly the area where you start

your career not where you stay for some

reason I've been unable to get out of it

I have tried to move up within my

current company into a QA position with

the hope of eventually moving into

development the problem is that I always

hear well you don't have much experience

in the QA field so I'm unable to move

into a QA position as a result I'm

unable to move into a development role

as well

I said computer programming community

college here in Toronto Canada years ago

and I've also studied various

programming languages on my own time

I've made two iOS apps this year as well

not published in the App Store though

and I'm also fairly good at programming

in PowerShell I feel stuck I know what I

want for myself which is to work for

myself so my questions are after 11

years of being in the same role would

you also conclude that you are stuck in

a particular field is it better to stay

in a job you don't

really like because it's secure or

should I start my own business in

something like mobile app development or

a type of IT consulting role where I can

use my programming skills just a note I

think it would be really cool if you

could make a future video on how IT

people can start building their own

networks okay I will skip that part and

so and then he also asked me to answer

the question sooner rather than later

all right guy kind of screwed up on that

part sorry about that so let's see okay

so I'm trying to think you know about

about about what you should do in this

situations are you stuck in some

position some role for eleven years it's

time to move on and get another

job it's time to be done with this this

is the thing it's like a lot of you you

know you email me and you you've been in

the same situation for a long period of

time and maybe you know that let's just

take this to the breaker bigger scope of

life if you're in the same situation for

a long and you don't like the situation

right and and nothing and you're not

changing your environment and you're not

changing your actions nothing is going

to change it's not just magically going

to get better like if you fall into a

hole and you can't get out of the hole

and you look around and you're just


you're not eventually gonna get out of

the hole you're gonna die and

you're gonna starve they're right you're

gonna be there for a long time okay and

that's the situation like when you've

been somewhere for 11 years and you're

not moving up and you've tried to go to

QA and you've tried to become a

developer and you're and and nothing's

happening it's time to move on right

so many people you know and this is this

is one of the reasons why I highlighted

this question is because it's

comfortable to stay where you are

even if it's not what you want and

that's the thing in life is like comfort

is the number one thing that human

beings go after and that they make

decisions based on it's hard it's bad

it's not a good way to live your life

but that's the number one thing it's not

it's a mean you know we definitely avoid

pain and we seek pleasure but more so

that what will override that system more

than anything is this

in comfort right and sometimes it's come

more comfortable to be in pain right

what does that it reminds me of that

hole that little saying where it's like

this guy said you know this guy has this

this dog and you know his neighbor comes

over and he's like hey why is your dog

like you know he's laying on the floor

and he's just he's yelping every once in

a while what is going on he says oh he

went to he's laying on a nail and he's

like why is he laying I know it's not

painful enough for him yet when it is

he'll move and and it's kind of funny

because you can live your whole life

like that dog with the nail laying on

the nail where it's like you're too lazy

like it's more it's better to be

comfortable than it is and just to have

that pain than it is to like move out of

the pain so you you know you got to make

a choice to move out the pain like I

said if you've been somewhere and you've

been stuck there for 11 years if you're

not making progress if you're not

growing you've got to change the

situation you have to do something you

have to shake up things and change your

life it's not just gonna happen it's not

just magically gonna happen

right and so you know you've got options

here you've got options one option and

probably the one I would take right at

this point it's change the

environment that's the easiest thing get

out of the environment change the

environment change your life every time

think about it every time that you've

moved right that you physically moved to

a new house to a new state to a new

location did your life change it did you

how did you had a different life right

you were just slightly different person

because of the different life that you

had and so if you really if you're stuck

in a rot you rule a change things up

change your environment doesn't mean you

have to move doesn't mean you have to

move across country but maybe you do

quit that job maybe you do find another


right and and that changes things and it

will change you and it will shake things

up okay so you can always change your

environment second you can change what

you're doing so if you're doing the same

things over and over again and expecting

different results you know aside from a

probability right because you know

there's definitely I think that that old

quote you know that that quote of that

being the definition of insanity I don't

think that's quite right I think that

you know you can do the same thing over

and over again you can

get different results and when you

consider probability but aside from that

right if you're trying and and nothing

is changing you need to change what

you're doing right you need to take

different actions right you need to

change and develop yourself it's not

just about acquiring skills it's not

just about becoming more technically

proficient and this is guys this is why

and I wrote my soft skills book soft

skills software developers life manual

right and even you know my other books

but and how to market yourself as a

software developer I create that course

is because it's it's not just about

gaining the technical skills right

you've got it you know and this is what

this channel is about is

self-development personal development

right working on yourself because you've

got to grow and got a change because

your external situation right your

external environment will be influenced

by who you are in fact you will you will

attract what you are if you want better

you have to become better right so if

you're getting the same old it's

because you are the same old you

need to change this up being the same

old how do you do that

go revitalize your life go go

deep into personal development go into

the gym and and change your fitness and

your health go and change your mindset

go read some good books you know I've

got ton of books you go go look at my

book reviews or you know look at the

playlists on the book stuff that I have

on the channel and you'll find top lists

of of best books best vertical

development books just all the books

that I read and you can find some good

stuff there okay but you've got to

change something you've got to grow in

some way right and you know that's

that's it that's like so some of the

answers this question is is do something

do something right you put some

apps in the App Store that's great now

you want to start a business take a shot

go ahead I mean here's the thing it's

like you can't get worse than your

present situation yes maybe you've got a

comfy job um you've got a paycheck but

you've been stuck in the same it's not

even a high level position in the same

low love position for 11 years and

nothing's happening take some risk

take some chances I don't care like you

don't have much to lose right it's not

like you're the CEO of IBM and you're

like I'm bored and I can't grow her

advance and then you're like and I'm

like hey maybe you know

making the like couple million dollars a

year just chill the out dude like

don't jeopardize that like it's

it's not that you're like I'm a customer

service person working the job and

IT and I'm afraid to take a leap take a

leap you got nothing to lose

right and so many of you are in that

situation right if you're in you know

even if you're in the what might be a

good situation to some people you should

still take risk but especially if you're

at the bottom of the totem pole and

you've tried everything and you've been

there and stuck for a long time

quit the job go get another job go force

yourself to change change your

environment change what you're doing

right you've got to make something

happen you're sitting in the hall you're

waiting for someone to throw down a rope

add to this video while back on no one's

coming to save you but you're waiting

for someone to throw a rope down the

hole and drag you out it's not

gonna happen you're gonna be waiting for

millennium you're gonna be waiting

forever and it's never gonna happen

you're gonna be like the Haley Bob

people waiting for the comment to come

that doesn't come that if the aliens

don't come and pick you up I'm sorry

it doesn't happen right all right I hope

that's helpful to you if it is make sure

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next time take care