How to Leave Your Puppy Home Alone | Chewy

dogs are instinctively social animals

and can get anxious when they're lonely

or bored with consistency and confidence

you can train your pet and yourself

that's saying goodbye for a few hours

does not mean you're leaving for ember

for ever or step one exercise before

leaving the house take your puppy

outdoors for 30 minutes to an hour so

they'll get there potty break in and

their energy out the goal is to give

them enough mental and physical

stimulation so they'll be too tired to

even notice you're gone step 2 create a

secure puppy zone find an area of your

home where you can set up a secure spot

just for your pup you'll want to put up

a portable pen and attach it to your pet

crepe place a potty pad a little ways

away from the crate so your pup can

train himself to keep his bed clean it's

important that your dog has a positive

association with the crate so if they're

not quite there yet check out this video

on how to crate train your dog you'll

also want to leave a few crates save

interactive toys to keep your furry

friend preoccupied keep in mind that the

rule of thumb for leaving your pup alone

is one hour per month so that means if

they're three months old they could only

hold their bladders for up to three

hours but it isn't ever recommended to

leave your dog alone for more than five

hours if you can't come home to let your

dog out every few hours enlist your

favorite dog walker to pop in for some

quality outside playtime step 3 turn up

the tunes

studies show that music can reduce your

pups anxiety and quell nervous behaviors

such as chewing destruction and barking

however your fur baby is more likely to

relax with reggae music

stop drop and slow classical music avoid

anything that you would dance or rock

out to loud noises and fast speeds could

agitate and stress out your pup the

simpler the sound the greater the

relaxation response oh yeah step 4 be

calm confidence is key if you look

nervous your dog will be nervous too try

really try to pretend as if it's sad

sweet little face isn't completely

destroying your heart and make you want

to quit your job and just backpack

across all of North America if you

associate leaving with being sad your

dog is gonna do the same when you come

home resist the urge to play with your

pup the moment they greet you at the

door go about your business for about a

half an hour then once they've calmed

down only then should you shower your

dog at attention and cuddles this will

help normalize at times you come in and

out of the house they'll start to learn

that you leaving is an everyday thing

and fortunately not the end of the world

to recap exercise setup your puppy zone

play some soothing sounds and keep calm

soon you'll be coming home to a cool

collected companion when you bring home

the bacon what does your pup do when

they're home alone tell us in the

comments below I'm Sarah and we'll see

you next time bye

oh outdoors outdoors take your puppy

outdoors for 30 minutes to an hour