Is it Okay to Have Just an Outside Dog

good morning this is angel Soriano and

this morning I wanted to answer this

question as it was fresh in my mind I

spent about 15 minutes at home playing

with the dogs before going to work and

it reminded me of an old question that I

will attempt to answer in this segment

of daily dog man and that is is it okay

to just have an outside dog


so I'm reminded of several emails I've

received on this topic of how I feel

about an outside dog versus inside dog

so I'll assume that this is a dog that

that people are asking is it okay to be

outside 100 percent of the time

basically have an outside life so to

kind of stage this a little better today

I spent about 15 minutes right before

leaving the house playing with my dogs

just doing what most people do with our

dogs and today's a bit nippy here in the


nippy to the tune of 17 degrees so you

know it's a cold day right and I am

shooting this video outside on purpose

to I don't have to have a reference okay

and and to be able to speak from the

heart so I'm not here to dictate how you

should take care of your dog the

question was asked of my opinion and

when you're asked my opinion you're

going to get it so first and foremost

understand that dogs are domestic

animals okay they've been bred to be

part of a human pack and not just a dog

pack those are wolves and coyotes etc

etc domestic dog is what it is now there

are animals out there that can probably

handle the cold weather a lot better as

I mentioned two of them but cattle you

know certainly can handle it horse is

that even with horses I see a lot of

them in fields with blankets on them so

obviously they're trying to tolerate the

weather better and I'm certainly not an

expert in either one of those species so

I won't get into those details but

understand there are domestic dogs and

as such they're not bred for those type

of extremes a single coat dog cannot

handle cold weather period okay so if

you have a single coat dog and he lives

outside just know that if you have cold

weather throughout the year then they're

going to have a hard time with it okay

now by the same token a double coated

dog cannot handle heat well right

doesn't make sense you know it's it's

especially on a 95 100 degree day in

some parts of this country they'll have

105 I don't

degree days that is just not a good

environment for a double coated dog even

a single coated dog for that matter so

it's something to understand the other

side of it is dogs are social okay and

as social beings they require attention

they require to be near their humans

right that's kind of the bottom line now

without side dogs I also worry about a

whole host of things okay

a lonely unsupervised outside dog is

going to get in trouble period they're

gonna jump over fences they're gonna dig

on the fences they're gonna chew your

fence they're gonna eat stuff they

shouldn't be doing they're going to

harass your neighbors either on one side

of the fence or jump over and harass

them in person one on one they're going

to harass livestock it's it's a huge

endless list they're going to damage

your sprinkler system I've heard that

too so scratch your doors your windows

it they're just going to get in trouble

right they just need more attention from

their humans then the humans are giving

them time for another nuisance that I

hear a lot with outside dog is that

they're jumping on their people right

well remember they're social animals so

if they're not spending a great deal of

time with their people and they see them

once or twice or three times a day

they're going to jump they're going to

say hello there they want that attention

they want that one-on-one and negative

attention sometimes it's better than no

attention whatsoever so just know that

that's going to happen these are all

behaviors that an inside dog has less of

a chance of having okay not to say

they're not going to jump on people but

they're easier to fix than a dog that

only sees their humans two or three

times a day

simply because you spend more time with

them so in my training opinion why is it

that a dog is exposed to the backyard

fired into the backyard typically it's

pretty simple I hear it all the time and

that is that the behaviors are so severe

so bad in the people have not had the

time nor the pep but the effort

sometimes to try to fix it that they

kind of fire the dog to the backyard you

know if the dog is pooping inside a

house then guess what they you know they

cannot fix it they're going to fire the

dog in the backyard which is not right

either right the problem is not going to

get any better

basically the family gets rid of the

problem by doing that if you're gonna go

in that direction I think you're much

better off finding a dog a home with

somebody that can actually do the

training and get the dog you know to to

a reasonable level my input is deal with

the issue right if that is what why the

dog is in the backyard then train them

it's just not that hard no matter where

you live in this nation there's a

trainer nearby that can help you with

most issues so fix those potty training

issues and accidents you know dog the

lives inside it's less likely to have

those issues and if they do have them

you're more likely to be able to fix

them so the input here in this

particular part is if you have those

problems and that's why you fire the dog

into the backyard then it's a fixable

event get it fixed remember they're

they're social animals they want to

spend time with you right so by now I'm

sure you're getting the taste of my

answer now for those of you who have

farm dogs farm animals and you're about

ready to jump down my throat for you

know what I'm saying about this topic

let me tell you the following a true

working dog and I've met quite a few of

them a farm dog some of you have they

spend much of their time with her humans

right a person working a field working

the farm working a ranch they're outside

and their dogs are with them so they get

the social one-on-one attention and they

usually don't have these these huge

behaviors that I just mentioned before

they're part of the people pack right

and that's what the dog wants to be as

to the extreme weather with a dog that

is let's say a farm dog typically farm

dogs sleep in shelters they sleep in a

barn the weather is a lot better in that

environment and they they their body's

kind of adjust over time but they're not

in the extreme severe weather of any

state that this nation brings to us also

on a party note or a side note on that I

have been really impressed with the

working dogs that I've met over the

years these are the farm dogs that we

call in that you know they are better

taken care of then then some of the

others that I've seen in the normal life

you know typically farmers ranchers they

have really strict animal husbandry

ethics and they really take care of

their animals not just their dogs but

any animal they have they take care of

them there they're you know good with

with our livestock basically on a party

note here's an experiment for you why

don't you go outside in a 17 degree day

like today naked and see how long you

can stand it right the reverse of that

how about wearing a nice thick double

coat on a 95 degree day and see how long

you'll be able to take that as well

right how can you how long can you

tolerate that think about those two

extremes and if you can't think of them

then do them really don't you that would

be a great date to practice that's you

know that standing outside on a 17

degree day with not much on and see how

long your body takes it so personally no

I do not believe that it's correct it

just have an outside dog especially

since most of the reasons is because

they are not trained properly and that's

why they ended up being there they need

your attention just get them trained

unless you're a rancher and the dog is

already getting the attention get those

dogs trained get the behaviors on the

control and you will not mind having it

an inside dog at that point so there you

have it this is angel sorry ah no with

my today for daily dog ma'am thank

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