Is It Ok To Kiss On The First Date?

oh [ __ ] okay down I did not come

prepared y'all

hello guys is joining on from that just

happy TV and today I'm here with Sydney

Emma and and Lisa Kim Rachel Britney

Emily and the question is is it okay to

kiss on the first date I personally

think it's alright I don't see anything

wrong with that but for me I kind of

like to take things slow and like

gradually get into it so that way for me

it's more natural so yeah I mean it's

it's totally up to you but for me

personally I go natural and I kind of

just some I like to gradually get into

that I would say yeah why do you say

yeah if you have a good connection and

it's a great vibe I don't see a problem

by kissing on the first date

what you it's the same yeah I think it's

totally fine

I believe it's okay if you have talked

to that person already but if it's like

new person first day ever

I don't think I wouldn't be down to kiss

on the first date because you don't know

where their mouth has been

I see so like kissing on the first days

like breaking boundaries I guess yeah

like that's going way too fast I don't

know you personally I don't know it

makes a girl uncomfortable like what was

that all you want for me personally I

think it depends on how the date goes so

if it's going really well you're vibing

and everything I think it's perfectly

fine to kiss on the first date

almost it's almost expected I've had

guys there like I was really getting

along with them and then at the end of

the date like they just don't kiss me it

just depends on the connection like if

you have the connection with somebody

right off the bat then go for it

if you don't and just kind of peace out

and saying oh it's nice time I think yes

depending on the circumstances of the

date how well it goes yeah okay so what

so what sign should a guy look for on

the language language okay have you ever

like denied a guy that tried to kiss you

I'm gonna go that's kind of up I'm sorry

I'm sorry if you're watching this right

now I'm sorry oh [ __ ] okay down yes I

did not come prepared y'all I guess how

can a guy know like it's okay like what

signs should a guy look for thing you

know a little rattle the keys and [ __ ]

oh I guess you you you you just know

honestly because you'll you start

feeling like okay we're starting to

click now and like it's been going on

for a while now I guess it's just the

idea that she's still interested in you

I think it really depends on like how

the date goes if you like vibe with

someone or not because I don't know like

there's been awkward instances on a

first date with me we're like they

thought that I vibed and like you go in

for it and it's like oh you turn your

head and like super awkward but I mean

if you if there's like a mutual

attraction and you kind of can see it

then then yes I think it's okay okay

I'll respect that I like that so

obviously from what you told me you

definitely denied a guy before do you

want to explain or elaborate on that

story how everything happened like you

don't have to go detail from detail but

like Justin Louis or you have a short

version of it

are you doing okay cool this guy he got

like super drunk like just him by

himself and like at the end of the night

he like goes in front he's like I had

such a great time with you I'm like yeah

yeah like literally I think someone of

my friends called me like like cuz I

told them to call me he's like oh yeah

I have to come home now

and so then she's like he went in for

the kiss and like I like swerved in my

head and it was just like the most are

you sure it was it like this I see so

many slurred side okay so I guess my

question now is have you ever deny a guy

that tried to kiss you on the first day

you want to walk me through like what

happened so I guess my question now is

have you ever denied a guy that ever

tried to kiss you

yeah definitely don't you wanna walk me

through what happened I don't know just

like I said before I like we went on a

date and and we weren't really vibing

and I think that we both could pick up

on that but he tried anyways you kind of

do the little swerve move yeah the

little I honestly said no I was just

like he asked if he could have a kiss

and I was like like how did he ask you

to say like hey can I kiss you and I was

like okay as funny as I never I never

heard of that we were out at the movies

and we had talked already for a while

but it's just I didn't feel ready to

kiss him like it I didn't know him in a

personal level you went in and I said

what time that happened to me and when I

leaned in actually fell on my face I

swear to god that's like that like if me

up so I learned the hard way but you

know it [ __ ] happens so I guess my final

question is

it's pretty crazy huh is it okay to have

sex on the first date yeah really oh

yeah I like it

hold on where we stand a Monica hey you

want to tell me why you think it's okay

yeah it's the same answer as with the

kiss think you're more open-minded maybe

in Europe I'm not sure yeah I don't see

the whole that going on three dates

thing it's a well if you have a

connection your habit from the first day

is it okay to have sex on the first date

I don't know about that one

I don't even personally for me like

probably not enough for you but in

general instead of you just in general

as a statement for anybody else would

you like judge them for doing something

on the first time or first day I'm gonna

judge my friends no like that's if they

decided they wanted to do that just for

their own reasons I mean I have my own

reasons and maybe that they have there

but I mean I don't know I guess I guess

if it goes really well and things just

go there this is the final question this

is a little a little step up is it okay

to have sex on the first date to have

sex on the first date usually I'd say no

but I think there are some circumstances

where you just have like a really really

great connection with someone and you're

both feeling it a lot and it just

happens yeah and I don't I don't think

there's anything wrong with that I don't

have to say the same like honestly if

you're having a great time and it's a

Friday night you're going out and you're

having a great time like I mean stuff

happens why not

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