Is it Okay to Jog While Pregnant?

Is it okay to jog while pregnant?

You don’t have to jog to stay in shape while pregnant.

I don’t want to gain a lot of baby weight. Then again, I don’t want to hurt the baby.

Jogging in the early stages is OK as long as it doesn’t aggravate your morning sickness.

It doesn’t.

And you have to be careful to stay hydrated. You’ll need more water and electrolyte than

you have been, which puts you at risk of passing out after a long run.

I already carry a water bottle. But I’ve heard that a heavy workout can hurt the baby.

Do not ever go jogging while pregnant in the hot part of the day, such as when it is over

90 degrees. Between the pregnancy and the strain of working out in the heat, you’re

at serious risk of heat exhaustion.

I can work out on the treadmill if I have to.

Here’s another thought. As the baby grows bigger, you’ll have more back pain and joint


That’s what yoga and massages are for.

Jogging while in the second and third trimester will add to your knee, hip and back pain.

And if your growing breasts don’t have super support, that’ll add to the back pain, too.

Can jogging late in pregnancy set off labor?

No, but the walking motion can help speed up labor by pushing the baby down the canal

in between contractions.

Do you think I should stop jogging?

You’re probably already tired enough as is from the extra stress and demands of the

pregnancy. Take it easy.

I need to stay in shape.

So go for long, brisk walks. It’s better for your knees anyway.

Excuse me?

Jogging for long distances regularly increases the risk that you’ll have arthritis in the

knees and hips.

I’ll switch to the elliptical.