Will a Cheat-Day Ruin My Ketogenic Diet? - Keto Expert - Dr. Brett Osborn


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that's a good question is a cheat day

okay in the context of their their

master ketogenic plan and the answer to

your question is if you are key to

adapted as I had said before that means

that your cells essentially are running

on ketones for fuel as opposed to

running on glucose which is what the

vast vast vast majority of Americans are

running on and therefore there's all

this disease here because they're all

based on or the genesis of these of

these metabolic diseases has to do with

consumption of simple carbohydrates so

if you are cue to adapt and you've done

your requisite carbohydrate depletion

for say eight to twelve weeks I always

call this the the clamp so if you were

to go and eat a very very heavy

carbohydrate Laden meal because of the

fact that you do have this clamp if you

will if you were to test your blood

sugars they're not going to shoot up to

the point where you believe they they

may have shot up if an individual that

were not keto adapted or to eat as an

example the Snickers bar in which case

their blood Sugar's may shoot up to 200

transiently and this is what we this is

what we see in other words they go up

trans the blood Sugar's go up

transiently in a keto adapted individual

and then they're clamped right down you

know within an hour or two to that that

normal level so the answer to your the

answer to that question is is no if you

are a keto adapted individual and you're

running your cells on fat is it going to

knock you out of ketosis and the answer

to your question is no it's not going to

knock you out of ketosis now if you're

an individual that is on the threshold

of being on ketosis and you started as

an example on a Wednesday and you're

going and you're going and you're going

you're knocking your carbohydrates down

you're saying example at 75 then maybe

50 and you're 50 and then you go and eat

a carbohydrate Laden meal yes you're

going to have a problem in other words

that is definitely definitely definitely

going to delay your transition into

ketosis because what you're doing is

you're telling your body hey you can up

regulate the enzymes that allowed me to

metabolize the carbohydrate cuz you know

what you're feeding me carbohydrates

so you're that's that's an in stark sort

of a contradiction to what occurs in an

individual that is fully key to adapted

in whom cellular energy is derived from

ketones and all of those enzymes are

very much regulated and those that help

allow us to ourselves to metabolize

glucose are down regulated so you don't

want to do anything like that and go eat

a very very carbohydrate Laden cheat

meal during your induction phase I would

say if you're going to cheat and a lot

of us do and that's that's fine

everybody's human make sure that you

have done a fairly rigorous induction

phase prior to going in and cheating

because your body is not going to

tolerate it and you're going to take a

step in the wrong directions like you

know taking you know a step forward and

then taking two steps backwards if you

do it during that induction Bay so don't

do it because you're trying to show

you're trying to teach your body you're

trying to coerce your body into using

fats or ketones as a primary fuel source

as opposed to glucose so don't do that

that's the answer to that question